Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Counterfeit Kit Challenge June kit reveal blog hop

June is here so welcome to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge June kit reveal blog hop. 

Hopefully you've reached me from Leslie's wonderful blue box reveal and next up is Lynnette who's sure to delight with her staging! And please don't forget to stop by our wonderful Guest Designer Salla. Oh yes! And of course, you simply must make sure you head over to our returning hero, Lesley, who's come back to help us out over the summer while some of our Master Forgers need to take time out.

Of course, you can head back to the beginning of the hop at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog to make sure you catch everyone on the hop and the full list can be found at the end of this post.

This month, Leslie has challenged us to be inspired by the Hip Kit Club's May kit. There are actually 6 different kit selections to choose from and I took the main kit, the embellishment kit and the pocket page kit to use for my own creation this month. 

Main kit

Embellishment kit

Pocket Page kit 

Now, mine doesn't look much like the original kit elements but let me introduce you to Potpourri!

My kit also seems quite a lot bigger than I've been trying to make recently but I did follow my "rules" of 5+1 papers including older papers, some bits and pieces from my die-cut bucket, some partial alphas that need using up, a bunch of pocket page cards, some tools and random bits and pieces.

My list of elements to lift from the original kit was long but these were the items that drove my kit decisions:

  • pink, navy, lemon, brights
  • dots, stars, floral, triangles
  • pocket cards with words, hearts, arrows, cameras
  • enamel dots, frames, clips, flairs, sequins, puffy elements

In the end, my papers were not as bright white as I had originally hoped for but I'm happy that I managed to find spots, triangles, the navy stripes and my random paper was the gold foil polka dot paper. I think I'll have fun using these.

I added in way more bits and pieces than I have been the last few months because I noticed that during my LOAD month, I often felt like my kits didn't have enough embellishment choices.

I added a whole lot of different tissue confetti pieces as well as some star sequins and a bunch of die-cut pieces that are both older and newer. Let's see if I use them up.

I only had a few puffy stickers in my stash so in they went. And a selection of pocket cards mostly with cut out elements.

I threw in a whole bunch of frames and some mini cards that I came across.

The London die-cut is one of my random items and a wonderfully thoughtful gift from my good scrappy friend Kathy.

I've also included some embossing powder in the hope that I actually get around to using it.  :-)

There are actually a few more bits and pieces that I ended up throwing into my box - the last scraps and embellishments from my Scrapabilly June kit which featured lots of pretty watercolour florals and a handful of last scraps from my May Scrapabilly kit.

Wow, long post so well done for reaching the bottom! Here's the full hop list in case you get lost along the way.

Guest Designer: Salla at Crazy Quilt of Paper...


  1. Hmmmm - a bit less pink and gold than normal - but on closer inspection I see that there is gold there! Have fun with your kit (and perhaps a bt lessed stressed post-LOAD?)

  2. Anonymous12:06 pm

    It may not look like the original but it i s very pretty. And you reminded me - I forgot the feathers. I have a few but seem to struggle using them, so I hope you'll give me some ideas.

  3. Loving it. I actually like that you played down the navy a bit - and piled on all those gorgeous bits and bobs! And fabulously named too.

  4. Nicely done! I think it's okay to veer from the original. We have to make it useful for our own photos! I know that I recently struggled with one the kits we were counterfeiting because I didn't think through WHAT I have printed to scrapbook. LOL...

    Your kit is wonderful!

  5. Great kit! I love all the chipboard frames you included--they are one of my favorite embellishments!

  6. Yummy kit. I will watch what you create with the tissue paper circles.I love those gold leaf/feather thingies.

  7. Thank you Lisa for your warm welcome back - your kit is so pretty and deserves the name you have given it.
    All those bits and bobs to play with - will you kill it? I bet you do!!!

  8. Great kit. Love that you added embossing powder to your kit.
    Cindy F

  9. Lovely kit Lisa :) Love all the tissue paper pieces you got going on (sorry to hear about your punch though) Looking forward to seeing what you create with the kit :)

  10. Your kit is very aptly named but I love that it's so full of eclectic bits and pieces and even your left over pieces. That London die-cut is just beautiful as are those frames. I think you're going to have a fabulous month!

  11. A bit different this month, but I see a lot of drama happening with many of your choices. I love the (dare I say it??) potpourri of goodies in there! Can't wait to see when they appear this month ;D

  12. Lisa, I am sooo glad that you have started using that machine. You will be in love with it before you know it - the possibilities are endless!

  13. Wow lots to look at.. cant wait to see what you do with it all

  14. A lovely potpourri of supplies! Those gold foil feathers called out to me along with that navy anchor flair (or is it a chipboard button?).


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