Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June at Simple Scrapper #2

My second layout for Simple Scrapper this month matches up papers and embellishments from my Counterfeit Kit Challenge November 2015 kit, Remembrance (#8) with a current Story Starter on the topic of "Team Work" along with an older sketch.

It tells the story of the one and only time I was ever on a school sport team - many, many, many years ago! What is funny about this photo is that I found it in a box full of older memorabilia and hadn't even remembered that I had it. I scanned it for this layout and in the journalling, tried to remember the names of the girls not the team with me. It was only when I was putting the original back into the card folder it came in that I noticed a grid on the back of the folder with space for all the names! I at least have all the first names of the girls now. And I was wrong on one or two in my journalling. I will no doubt just correct the names on the back of the layout.

Scrapabilly shares coming up in the next days. Hoping to be more consistent in the weeks to come.

To find out more about the many resources and inspiration - including the sketches and story starters I use each month - available to inspire you to create beautiful pages and tell meaningful stories in a supportive, communicative community environment, check out the Simple Scrapper premium membership here.


  1. Well..respect! Not just for the lovely page, with its beautiful blues, but for getting on a team. I never managed it (though "manage" implies some level of effort..)

  2. A fabulous layout and a (nearly) fabulous memory. I have recently been looking through old photos to embarrass my sister at her 50th on Saturday!!!
    I am always in awe of your journalling and always finish a layout before realising I can't tell the story because there is nowhere to hide it and it's too late to put the whole page through the printer!
    Your gold brings on a lovely fresh feel to an "old" (no, I'm not saying you are old!) photograph but I cannot see which one is you Lisa!! Is that because you have changed so much or because my eyesight is poor?

  3. Fab page. And consistency is nearly as important as creativity, so don't sweat it.

  4. I really like all the stripes and chevrons on your page - for some reason they just seem to reinforce the sport theme for me. I also like the way you anchored the paper blocks down with the navy circles. I was on the tennis team for all four years in high school but have never scrapped about it - thanks for the little reminder to at least add that topic to my list!


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