Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Blue skies and scrapbooking ...

Saturday 16th September - We have arrived!

Jet lag kicked in for both of us in the middle of the night when we both woke up, wide awake at German getting up time! Drifting in and out of sleep for the rest of the night, we both found ourselves more than wide awake at a rather unusual time for us – as anyone who knows us knows! We were up, dressed and ready by 8am – freaky!

R and I had our first “disagreement” of the holiday, the details of which I would rather not go into, but we both pulled ourselves together and stepped out into the glorious Halifax morning. Blue skies, and sun rising in the sky was just a great feeling. We were on our way to find the obligatory Starbucks for breakfast, and headed down Hollis Street. After about 25 minutes of walking, we thought that maybe we had gone the wrong way, which of course was right. But it did not matter, because the morning was so lovely and we saw some nice sights which we would not have caught otherwise. We doubled back on ourselves along Barrington Street when we noticed an art supplies shop. Ralph dragged me in saying that they must have some scrapbooking supplies in there. The shop had only just opened which was so fluky – if we had not gone the wrong way, we would never have seen it and then R could not have bullied me into buying up the shop! In fact, we did a “Hausmann”!!! Make a guess what that could be if you don’t know!

One beautiful Making Memories, pink leather tote filled to the gills with papers, embellishments and goodies later, we staggered off to finally make it to Starbucks. I have to say here and now that much of the stash that I bought was chosen by my beloved, who intends to create his own scrapbooking pages on our holiday to include in the Canada album!!!! This I have to see!!! Watch this space....

There were NO Halifax mugs in Starbucks which created a minor crisis but he managed to find something to satisfy his mug urge so all was not lost! So, about 12 hours into our holiday and we have doubled our luggage already!!!!

Generally, I thought Halifax was a really nice city and we could have easily spent more time there – I would have liked to see Pier 21 and there is a museum which features the sinking of the Titanic – including many artefacts that were either picked up from the scene or washed up over the following months – because Halifax was the nearest port to the incident and was the port that received the mayday call. Maybe, one day we can get back there and spend a bit more time there - it has a load of quirky facts associated to the place. Like the Titanic thing and also the largest explosion ever (up to the time when Horishima occurred) right in the port. Just weird little things which makes the place interesting.

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