Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Can anything be more perfect than this moment?

Thursday 21st September

Spent the morning sitting out on the terrace, both immersed in our own thoughts and activities – not sure what R is up to but there is a lot of frowning, face screwing up and note taking... A poem? A diary? No doubt I will find out soon enough. It was another glorious day weather-wise. Bluest of blue skies and not a cloud in the sky. It was a great start to the day and this holiday has lived up to every single expectation we had. We are totally relaxed and chilled and you can see the weight literally lifting off R’s shoulders. It is really wonderful to see.

This afternoon, we finally managed to do the Middle Head trail which leads from the hotel along the peninsular right to the end where there is nothing but cliffs and ocean. The trail is really very beautiful, one minute in deepest forest and the next out in blinding sunshine walking along a precarious cliff edge where 50 metres below, white surf crashes down on the rocks. Exhilarating. The nature here was very varied with lots of small flowering plants, loads of insects and a myriad of trees. We saw an eagle soaring high above us although once again, could not quite catch it on film – but you have to believe me! The sky started on the horizon with the palest of grey blues and it gradually darkened as it rises above us to the deepest, clearest “sky” blue, while the ocean was a mix of white, green, blue, turquoise and, at the furthest horizon, dark, dark blue-black. Clouds were forming off the mountains and were white as snow, scudding across the sky, carried along by the strong breeze that was blowing both off the sea and from the mountains behind us.

The end of the trail really feels like the end of the world. I could see Cape Smokey to my right and Ingonish to my left – both pieces of land sort of encompassing the peninsular, both forming perfect bays, but at the same time, if you just look out there is nothing but deep, menacing water for as far as you can see – all the way to the most perfectly curved horizon. Can a day get more perfect than this? Time seems to stand still while were are sitting there watching the angry waves crashing onto the vast rocks below. This never-ending motion has been going on since the dawn of time – millions and millions of years. In and out, wearing away at the rocks, creating sand, washing up debris, providing food and shelter for untold millions of fish and water life. Makes you think....

We definitely had the best of the weather. By the time we were back at the hotel, the dark black clouds were rushing over the mountains and the perfect blue sky was gone. Rain arrived, just for a short time, but it could not spoil what was a really wonderful day, finished in the bar once again listening to the local musician and both of us absorbed in our own thoughts and activities.

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