Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Folk songs and sea shanties!

Wednesday 20th September - Just sittin' and thinkin'

Another misty morning made us think that the weather was probably not going to improve all that much for the rest of the day. Therefore, still not really recovered from the mixed experiences of the previous day, we settled in for a quiet day based at the hotel.

We had a really nice morning with R checking out his photos and making notes, and I read, took some photos, blogged a bit, finished up my journalling notes and generally just chilled out, totally! It was so nice to have time to just sit and think. We hardly exchanged a word but were both content and satisfied. This has been such a wonderful holiday so far and it was great to have a bit of time to contemplate it all.

The rest of the day was a bit jumbled as we tried to go for a walk but it started raining so we raided the gift shop, spent some regular time on Ingonish Beach chasing waves, sighted another eagle, and sat on the hotel grounds just soaking in the atmosphere and feeling the wind in our hair.

It is really hard to describe the weather here - it is typical sea wind but it is SO warm. It is not really a chilling wind nor is it penetrating, it is really refreshing. The air this day almost tropical – guess that must be the damp in air coupled with the mild temperatures.

The evening was quiet as it has been the whole week – we sat drinking cocktails, G&Ts, cognac etc, listening to the musician play typical Cape Breton sea shanties, Irish and Scottish songs and a bit of country and western thrown in for good measure. Not something I would want to listen to all the time (or maybe ever again outside the holiday), but it was fitting for the holiday and I have really enjoyed it. I have even been known to sing along a little (in my head of course!!!).

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