Monday, 23 July 2007

And to finish

I managed to get another two layouts and some embellishments out of the kit I have been working on recently. There is hardly anything left - just a few tiny scraps, two strips of the cardboard edging, three journalling spots and some of the letters. I totally messed up the rub ons which is a shame - I only managed to use a couple and ruined the rest. But I am very pleased with myself that the only things I added into the kit were two sheets of cardboard and some stickles glue. So to recap, I made 7 layouts, a mini album and 6 embellishments with some letters and chipboard left - all for around £25. Is that good? Sounds good value to me and it really means that with some imagination, a subscriber to the kit does not need to add any of their own stash to produce an array of layouts and products. I still think that that the idea of a smaller kit also on offer might be a good idea for those who do not want to put all or a large proportion of their monthly budget in one place - not that I am suggesting that £25 is anywhere near the figure that I spend!!!

And with no more ado, here are the last items:

Here are the small embellishments I made ready to adhere to anything the colours match to:And this is what I am left with!

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