Monday, 9 July 2007


is already approaching the halfway mark and I still have not taken my photos for this month! I think I will just take some general ones and come back to a theme in August but if anyone has any ideas, they will be gratefully received.

With Ralph back in town, I have not had so much time to scrap and then we had a lazy weekend, but I did just manage to complete this layout below using one of my favourite recent photos of Ted. Not a layout for any particular reason, just listing a few of my favourite things about our little family star and using some of my wonderful Chatterbox papers - (& in response to a Chatterblog challenge.) I find that if I use a challenge as a jumping off point, it gets me moving and forces me to just pick up some much loved product and a few photos and get on with it rather than sitting here thinking about which photo or which products to use. I think that Lib and I will have to get our challenges up and running once more. It really motivates me to action!

Not a lot else happening my end - what about you?

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  1. Anonymous11:38 pm

    love this! what a lovely photo too, wondereed if you woudl use that classic pose from Oliver - as I have a copy of that photo, maybe we should do that as achallenge. Love the flowers. Do you use chalks to ink the edges or distressing inks or what? i use chalks for edges but they seem to run out quickly. I did 2 pages the night before last but no more now for a few days - i went out with some girls for a meal alst night, tomorrow have lu round and then am going to london for the weekend - maybe monday - need to use up our stash to make way for all the lovely stash we can buy soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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