Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Get a LOAD of this!

So, I decided to join in the "Get A LOAD of This!" challenge set up by Laine Ehmann over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The challenge is to produce a page/layout a day throughout the whole of January! Scary stuff but I thought, why not! OK, so I missed the first of Jan but therefore made two on the second so I still have one for each day. And yesterday I managed two so the second has been put to one side for a day when I just cannot make it!

Feeling good - day 9 and actually 10 layouts already covering things that have been going round my head over the last months and ideas from photos that I just never seem to have had the energy to do!

And another bonus is that I did a class about kits in November and one of the activities was shopping your own stash to make a kit for yourself to work on. I made a super mega-kit bursting with loads of gorgeous stuff that I have been wanting to use for ages. All girlie and pretty with lots of pink but also including aqua, soft blue, green and red. So, the last few days have been focused on using that too which is just great - everything is there, already coordinated and ready to go. It has a real mix of different product lines and manufacturers and also different themes too which makes it so interesting as it goes with so many different topics. I have just added a few sheets of cardstock as I have gone along and a couple of tiny things here and there. It has made it so easy to just pick up a photo and a sheet of cardstock and go for it. I am really speeding up and almost always using my handwriting or stickers these days too which saves so much time!

This is the picture of the kit:

And here are the layouts I have done so far:

1st Jan

2nd Jan

3rd Jan

4th Jan

5th Jan

6th Jan

7th Jan

8th Jan

9th Jan

and this is the extra layout that I did yesterday to use on a day when I might not have enough time.

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