Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Having a "Fresh Start"...

I jumped the gun a little with that last post. I guess I should have started it off with:


I mean, the last time I posted was WAY before Christmas and what have I been up to since then? Pretty much the same as everyone else I suspect - tidying, cleaning, cooking, clearing away, washing up, drying, putting away, cleaning, tidying, cooking (you get the picture!). It was a good Christmas. Nothing spectacular, but good and enjoyable and relatively stress free once I resigned myself to the fact that I had messed up all my preparations and many of the plans I had had earlier in the year would just have to be skipped this time around! No problem! So, presents were late but most of them got there (still two outstanding to organise which I MUST do this weekend), but the cards arrived mostly on time, the decorations mostly got put up and I MOSTLY got into the Christmas spirit! New year is what new year always is for me - mixed. I cried which frustrated me as I have managed to avoid that the last two years but this year it just hit me and I could not help it! Sorry! But I will talk about my word of the year and resolutions in my next post.

What I really wanted to talk about again here was the GREAT Bellaboo January kit - "Fresh Start". Boy, it was fun to use and create with. At first, I drew a bit of a blank - it is challenging, but once the first idea hit, there was no stopping me and I am so tempted to get another one! I kept thinking of all the things I wanted to do with it but had to limit my options! The focus is journaling, new start, clean sheet etc and it just works so WELL. Have you got yours yet? I think you should get over there right NOW (yes, come back to the blog later if need be and follow the link here over to check it out). Bright clean fresh colours and loads of variety in the products. All our projects can be seen over there in the gallery so I will just give you a few glimpses. Go and look ...... (

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