Wednesday, 7 March 2012

And a few more stickers!

I ran off a couple more cards for the Jingle Belles "Stuck on You" challenge.

Makes me feel all virtuous to be using up my stash (even if it feels like it's not going down at all!) and increasing my pile of cards.


Go me!


  1. So pretty Lisa! I really like the colors you used and what you did with the button and twine, wow!

  2. go, you indeed!!! these are *FAB*... such a GREAT use of those brackets (i have LOADS of those!) and just a simple sentiment with a few perfect embellishments and TWO MORE DONE!!! you are SO rockin' the xmas virtue over there!!! :) :) :)

  3. Go, you! I love this design

  4. Those big brackets are just too cool ... and I love the sentiments too ... you should feel virtuous :) for getting all of those holiday cards finished early ... and using your stash.

  5. I love your beautiful twine embellishments lately! It's like your signature piece! Love it!

  6. These cards are very striking! Love those brackets and of course "your signature" twine embellishments as Debbie P said ;)


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