Monday, 19 March 2012

In Good Company once more

Well, I had a whole post written and I lost it so here I am again...

I'm so happy that I made time to play along with S's In Good Company challenge again this month after a few months away.

She challenged us to reacquaint ourselves with American Crafts products in our stash and I was surprised to find quite a few products that I didn't remember having. (I think this is the whole point of the challenge actually!) A lot of the AC designs are no longer really my style but I wanted to prove that anything can be adapted to some degree or other to fit. I also used the March Scrap Happy sketch but tweaked it almost beyond recognition :-) , generally having a lot of fun in the process.

Once I had decided to use paper with buildings on it, this gave me the idea that I needed to do a general city or travel layout and then it all came together from there. Everything except the October Afternoon button is AC.

(Please excuse the pink tinge to the photo and I've since erased the pencil lines for my journalling - whoops.)

S runs the challenge from 10th to 20th each month, so why not drop by next month and see who you get to make friends with again in your stash :-)


  1. Oh I'm glad you found time to join us. This looks very typically American Crafts to me - nicely done. You are right, that you never know what you have in your stash until you go looking for it or are about to discard it. Everything can be adapted if you are struck with a good idea or a little determination. Now that you have this checked off your list, are you working on your Spring Reading Thing list - it starts today, you know. (Feel free to ignore me if it sounds like I'm telling you what to do - wink, wink!)

  2. I think you have made a fine job of making this AC fit your style! I don't like using the word "job" becasue it's fun, of course and not work, couldn't think of another way of putting it though :)

  3. I love this layout, especially the clouds and building at the top!

  4. Love this layout. Love the whimsical touches and fantastic photos! I'm so glad you were able to join in this month! Such fun!


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