Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The best kit.... EVAH! (part 2)

In this post here, I talked about how my April Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Blossom, was the most successful kit I've ever made, giving me a total of 13 pages which is most definitively a record.

I shared 4 of the last layouts from the kit, all made during LOAD and here are the last 4.

I created this layout for the prompt about an overheard conversation. I had received these photos and list of the trolley contents from Libby so while not exactly overheard, I thought "reported" was close enough. I just loved the idea of this little girl's essential items for a trip to visit us. These included a bible, a tambourine, a fairy outfit, a toy santa and of course, an abundance of pink!

Five Sense Friday brought out the topic of taste and there were so many ideas to choose from but this is a particular story I've been wanting to tell for ages so it was a perfect opportunity to get it written down. I moved to my current favourite design of 12x18 with an extra small page for all that story! This leaves all that space for the photos and design. Have you tried this yet? It's perfect when you have a lot to say.

This multi-photo layout was for Sketchy Sunday where we were given a sketch but we were not supposed to use it as it came! Even though I don't make so many multi-photo layouts these days, I added in another photo and made them all smaller than the sketch. Love the design and can feel me using it again. Perfect for those events with lots of fun shots.

LOAD's Manic Monday this week was to "grab and go". I really did just grab the kit and use up the last of the paper scraps which just happened to go together relatively well. I was really pleased with how it came together in well less than an hour which is FAST for me. The photo is actually matted on the back of some bright yellow paper so it really was about getting the most out of the kit. I added in the little lace cluster and the pins as embellishments were really coming to an end!

So there you have it. Numbers #10 to #13 from the most successful kit of all time. For me anyway :-)

Which was your most successful kit? And now many layouts did you get from it? Come on, let's compare notes!


  1. Gorgeous LO's, the colours are so pretty, the first one made me smile, gotta love little girls. Deb xxx

  2. These are all lovely, Lisa. You already had me sold on twine, and now I see that pearls are necessary too. You are just so good at this!

  3. Wow - wee this kit really packed a punch!! Super duper :0)

  4. Love the story of your first layout here! I'll have to go back and see which kit was my most successful.

  5. this was surely my fave kit of all time for the vibrant colors. I loved seeing so much life in your pages. <3

  6. These pages are absolutly lovely!!!

    There's no way to compare! You have to know that I love to make ginormous kits....so I typically get lots of layouts out of them and I will typically use them for the entire month almost exclusively!


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