Sunday, 17 June 2012

Finishing off the best kit... EVAH! (part1)

I've mentioned before that I aim for about 6 layouts and/or projects for each of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits I make and generally this is easily achievable. Some months, I've even managed to get 8 or 9 layouts. But the kit I made in April, Blossom (featured here) entered the Guiness Book of Records for the most successful kit so far!

I said a tearful goodbye to the leftovers in the kit after a grand total of 13 layouts! I was amazed when I kept opening up the box to find still more great bits and pieces and more than enough to make yet another layout. During LOAD it came to my rescue over and over again.

One of the things I loved most about it was that the mix of bright, happy colours enabled me to bring them together in so many combinations that it's hard to see that they come from the same kit unless you line them up together and notice the matching papers.

I did have to add in more cardstock to make the full 13 layouts but as far as I can remember, not much else.

All of these layouts were created during LOAD for various "Scrapbooking out of the box" prompts.

Here, we were challenged to use themed (holiday) colours for a non-holiday layout. I guess you can now see that I chose red, white and green for Christmas for this wonderful Cam face.

This was the "put your name into eBay and get inspired" prompt. There was a book called "The Scorpio's Anger" which reminded me that I should do a layout about a few of my Scorpio characteristics.

This was to scrap in someone else's voice and I came across a very sweet card and tag from my housemaid in Manila which accompanied a very thoughtful present. It made me feel very humbled to think about how this woman had spent some of her hard-earned money on me.

And this last one for today was to be inspired by cartoon characters. Hong Kong Phooey sprang to mind and I just matched it up with a photo from around the time.

Does anyone else out there remember Hong Kong Phooey? Oh, he was my favourite! I can imagine I'd find it pretty lame these days! Ha ha!

So these are layouts #6 to #9 and there's 4 more to share in a few days! Watch this space.


  1. 13 layouts is amazing! Impressive!

  2. I used to love that mild mannered janitor... 13 LOs! Wow!

  3. Wow, that is incredible! 13 layouts! Now that's a kit! Fantastic job!

  4. That is fantastic that you were able to do so much from your one kit - and nothing looks the same!

    I really want to do the next LOAD challenge in 2013. The best sales pitch is seeing people's completed projects. It's great inspiration.

  5. I was remembering Hong Kong Phoeey the other day becasue I thought the OA 9to5 collection reminded me of Rosemary the telephone operator!

    a veritable feast of pages to enjoy today

  6. Now that's stretching a kit! These pages are gorgeous! My favorite it the first one...gotta love a white background with bright colors and a blue-eyed boy!

  7. Bee-u-tifil!!! All are super but that first one is fabulous :0) I really like this idea of scrapping outside of the box...LOAD....should I have heard of this????!!! LOL! HKP 'number one super guy'? He was the best!!! :0)

  8. Girl, you rocked that kit for sure. Superb pages!

  9. I love how none of the layouts look like they came from a kit - all unique. Wonderful job!

  10. Holy Moly girl!! Way to go, those layouts are fabulous!!!


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