Friday, 29 June 2012

More quick cards

I volunteered again this month to make the June mini card kit based on the main Counterfeit kit and was glad I did because my supply of normal cards is quite low (you might remember that I made quite a stack of postcards back in April but sometime you need something a little bit more).

Rather than actually taking my June kit out and using it as a starting point for the card kit, I took the "recipe" we'd been given for making our kits up and decided to use that for selecting a few items to make a handful of cards. I kept to soft, muted colours as in my main kit so that they go together and tried to make sure I had quite a lot of older stuff too.

Instead of 8 sheets of cardstock and 10 sheets of paper, I decided to halve that and also to use my scrap box for the papers. I also started with a set of 12 card blanks which I discovered in the bottom of my drawer and saved me a lot of time and effort, even though the cards are a little smaller than I usually make.

To further tie in with my main kit, I named it "Softer".

So, the recipe again:

  • 10 sheets patterned paper - I chose 5 partial sheets of paper from my scrap box
  • 8 sheets cardstock - I chose 4 but found that I only actually used 3
  • 2 alphabet sets - 2 tiny type alphas - one MM and the other My Little Shoebox, but I only ended up using one
  • 2 stamp sets - a small mini journalling page stamp and a set of mini-sentiments
  • 4 journaling spots - I selected the same journalling spots as the main kit - MM
  • 3 types of "choose your own" style embellishments (flowers, border strips, ribbon, anything you like) - a sheet of dimensional sticker embellishments from MM that match one of the papers and the journalling spots, a roll of washi tape (I had some new I was dying to try!) and some older Prima flowers that my sister gave me for card making
  • 1 roll washi tape - yes, so I added in one here making two rolls. he he!
  • 1 "old" embellishment  - the 7Gypsies sticker sheet
  • 1 messy item (paint, embossing, mists, etc) - I used a standard ink pad for all the edges
  • 1 other item of your choice - I wanted small doilies so in they went
  • And as I said before, a dozen card blanks (although I was open about how many I would actually make)
And I also decided I would just look at the CKC card sketches for the last couple of months and use those for inspiration. 

Let's Capture Those Sketches

Random Acts of Creativity

My Favourite Things 

March CKC card sketch featured here

I've said before that I am not really a card maker and I don't have much patience with the process so the sketches gave me some good starting points and I followed them quite closely to bring together some quick and easy designs.

I made two of each design for the four sketches and then the last four were just about using up the paper and some products from the kit. I even used up some of the packaging in the MM sticker pack as pattern paper.

Not the best photos in the world, but you get the idea. And now I have 12 new cards in my box ready to send out to say Hi, to say Thank You or just because. And all in under two hours including making the kit! Success!

We'd love to see your card creations. Why not give a mini-card kit a go and share your results with us?


  1. success indeed. this is so great and under 2 hours? that sounds very unlike you. congrats.

  2. Give yourself a high five for those! They're so pretty, and under two hours!!

  3. Wow, that's A LOT of cards for a quick project! I like that scallopped paper, very pretty.

  4. How gorgeous these cards are! Beautiful kit that yielded some beautiful results!

  5. Ooohhh, pretty! I need to do that! I am running low on manly cards - and I have way too many men (brothers) in my life for that to happen! Wonderful cards.

  6. Oh, pretty, a dozen times over, no less. And quick to boot. You are amazing!! If I can finish getting my July kit pulled together I am going to be a copycat. This is so inspiring.

  7. A brilliant idea and one I shall be using! Pretty, pretty kit and beautiful cards. Amazing what you can achieve in 2 hours....not sure how you managed it???!

  8. You made that sound so simple and easy! Your cards turned out fabulous and look like you've spent way more than 2 hours on them!!! Thinking I may give this a try!!

  9. Wow, they are gorgeous, I just the the colours, so pretty. Deb xxx

  10. WOW!!! Lisa, you're on the roll, girl! fab cards. I just love the colors and your designs.
    Way to go, and it is very inspiring.


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