Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Musically speaking

Here again with another Jingle Belles catch up post.

Prompt #12, "Fa-la-la-la-la!" was to incorporate music into our designs. While I'd been making the batch I featured yesterday with the Sketch Support sketch (see the sketch I used in yesterday's post here), I picked out a few music scraps and made another three cards from the same sketch.

And then I found this leftover piece of die cut paper and decided to do something with it too.

Hey presto, four more cards. More than simple. But finished :-)


  1. These are great Lisa, I love the way you used the scraps! Simple is so very awesome!

  2. Beautiful xmas cards, love that you use scrap paper.

  3. Beautiful cards! GReat colours. I like using scraps and leftovers too and I like to be as thrifty as I can be! jenx

  4. Sometimes simple is the best way, and add to that the fact that you are using up scraps - perfect! Fantastic cards!

  5. Look at you rockin' the holiday tunes ... I always love a little fa la la ... so glad you're finding inspiration at jingle belles.

  6. you say "simple" as if it makes these gorgeous cards LESS impressive, when, to ME, it makes them even MORE SPECTACULAR b/c of how clever you have to be at assembling a few "just exactly right" elements, with no mis-steps, no visual "dead weight" etc. and you are absolutely ♥BRILLIANT♥ at doing that!!! HURRAH!!! (in case you hadn't guessed, i LOVE these!!!) :) :) :)

  7. And more great cards!! And I noticed I have that Cosmo Cricket paper, too... you're inspiring me!


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