Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Not much Jingling going on recently

While I was doing LOAD back in May, I managed to miss a few Jingle Belles prompts and since then, just didn't manage to get back into the rhythm. And there were some great prompts so I really wanted to try to catch up.

And I'm pleased to say that this last weekend, I managed to make a huge amount of Christmas cards to get myself right up to date. I won't give you Christmas overload right here in this post, but you can expect to see several card posts over the next week so that I can link them up and join in on this week's prompt too (vintage elements, which I really don't want to miss.)

But going back in time to prompt #10 which was "Embossing Around the Christmas Tree" - yes, you guessed it, use embossing on your cards.

I'm a really uncertain stamper so I limited the damage with this prompt to one wet embossed and one dry embossed card.

Prompt #11 was cards for gift cards. I never need those so I decided to just play aournd with the scraps in my scrap box and try to get some of them used up.

I used a Sketch Support sketch to make things fast and easy and ended up making several variations

And because I was then on a scrap roll, I just put this one together.

A bunch of simple and easy cards which are filling up my box. And my scrap box is actually beginning to look a bit emptier at last. 

Thanks for looking and why don't you start to get ahead of the game with your Christmas card making and head on over to the Jingle Belles site? You'll be ever so glad come December :-)

There are actually a couple more from the sketch but I'll share those next time.


  1. I so admire anyone who can think about Christmas in July! I have trouble thinking about it in December. You have my total admiration - and these are lovely. :)

  2. I really love those fun stars on your cards with the fun retro images ... so glad you're still jingling along with us ... thanks for sharing all of your great cards.

  3. woohoo, you're back! :) and proving once again that *NOBODY* rocks the scraps better... absolutely LOVE your embossed cards, too, but the retro ones that use up alllllll of those very cool but VERY SMALL scraps are just sooooooooooo totally ♥AWESOME♥!

  4. Your creative output is incredible! I hope to have a weekend like that ahead of me :-) Lovely card, the bunch of them!


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