Sunday, 20 July 2014

Growth is no more

Continuing with my shares from May's LOAD where I managed to 'kill' 6 of my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits. 

Today, three more layouts which completed my April kits (Growth and Sprout) - my first post is here.

First up is possibly my least favourite of the month of layouts but which still manages to tell a tiny piece of my Philippines story and for that, I'm grateful.

The LOAD prompt was for "TV" and I chose to tell the story of how I lived for over a year with no TV at all. I have never had so much free time and was always amazed at just how much I achieved. Admittedly, it was also before I was quite so addicted to the internet (!) and long before social media so that helped too.

Next up was the prompt "Playground" and because we use the word playground for the school yard in the UK, I decided to bring together a few more photos from our last day at school when we were 16. I have several dozen silly photos so fitting four onto one page makes me happy. Lots of layering and piling up of the scrap papers from the end of my kit gave this layout a lot of dimension. I especially love how the colours in the remaining kit products seemed to complement my photos (and our uniforms) so well.

I was foresighted enough at the time to write down all the girls' names on the back on the photo. These have now been transferred to the back of the layout as there is no way I could manage more than a dozen or so these days!

Last but not least for this kit was for the prompt "I Believe". Again, I decided to select products out of the kit to give this layout a completely different colour scheme - golds and yellows and soft kraft. A photo I have used at least a dozen times before as well as some stitching for detail and this layout came together really quickly. It was an ideal design to use up all the left over bits and pieces from the kit as well as combine a few details lying on my table from a previous kit (the stars) which reinforced my theme.

I made nine layouts in total from my main kit along with the paper add on. Many of the pages were heavy on paper with so many layers and photo mats that I think it's a great number to have achieved. Four kits now shared and two more to show you another time. Getting there....


  1. Great layouts, love the lace peaking through the frame and all of your layers.
    Cindy F

  2. Beautiful layouts :) I just love how you layer on your layouts, this is something I struggle with :) but you seem to do it with finesse :)

  3. You always do such a good job with the details. I like the scattered buttons on that first page especially.

  4. You are so good about posting layouts from previous kits. I somehow feel like I've missed the boat and it's too far gone...which is silly because they are worth being showcased even if it is after the month. I like the way you framed just a section of doily. I get stuck on using frames as picture frames and that doesn't have to be. I always learn something when I study your layouts. PS...I owe you an email and will get to it soon. Crazy busy summer times around here :)

  5. You created some fabulous pages (as always) for LOAD - I know I keep saying it but I spot your layouts a mile off they just have your stamp all over them - just like you say you can spot SC, I can spot LH! I am loving my Cameo (in answer to your ?) I had a robo years ago but sold for a cricut expression - so glad I bought the Cameo, I can cut just about anything I want now!!! I do have an A3+ printer which I just could not do without :) Looking forward to your shares next month :D

  6. Some great inspiration at the end of the kit. Isn't it fulfilling to finish one up? Haven't located my sewing machine since the move, and am eager to add stitching again. Yours on velum is lovely. And the journaling about the last day, laughter, tears and broken promises; so universal.


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