Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stopping Growth in its tracks

Another sharing post for LOAD creations made from my Counterfeit Kit Challenge April kit (s), my main kit Growth and the paper add on Sprout! And yes, every time I write or read that add-on name, I smile. It was a bit of a weak name all things considered.

However, Growth proved a really wonderful kit to use and produced a total of 9 pages - some more successful than others but still a healthy number for the mix of new and older products I had combined. Not much was put back into my stash when I called it a day.

I don't want to bombard you with layouts but I'll share 4 now and 4 later in the month.

One of the things I like best about my kits is the different colour and style combinations they produce and how I get designs and looks I could never have imagined when I pulled the items together. A lot of that is to do with the fact that almost all papers these days are double sided but another part is definitely just having the items knocking around together at the bottom of the kit box so that you see combinations by chance.

This cloud-like paper was the perfect background for the dreamy effect I wanted to create for the prompt, "Dear Santa". I was a late believer and was grateful to get this snippet of a story down.

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" was perfect for another tribute page about my beloved grandad. It was always a wonderful time when I got to be with him.

For "The Best of the Best" I started a page about my deep and never-ending love for Duran Duran but right there in the middle of writing up the journalling, my computer died and I had to let it sit for another three weeks until I worked out how I could manage to type up and print out those words without my main computer. Got there in the end and I was happy to have so many little details down as I was certainly beginning to forget some of them. No doubt, when I've tracked down all the memorabilia related to my teenage love, I'll have to add another page to this 18x12.

And this page is the page I made on the day for "The Best of the Best". Just picking out the yellow toned papers and gold elements made this feel as if it'd been made from a completely different kit. And yes, he's golden!

More to share from this kit another day. Any other Duranies out there? Or maybe share who has been your life-long teenage obsession!


  1. Oh my oh my!!!! What stunning pages

  2. Love Duran Duran! I seen these on the flicker accound love all the layouts and the one with your Grandfather is my absolute favorite :)

  3. Will have to go read the Duranie journaling on Flickr. I know what you mean about combining things from your kit, especially how the B sides become so important!

  4. Stunning layouts! I agree that the last layout is like it came from a different kit! Great job all around.

  5. Lisa, these are gorgeous!! I can't believe you made 9 (!!!!) pages … very, very impressive. It's funny, I just used that "photographs" paper on a layout of my own, I'll have to upload it next week :)

  6. Your pages are all lovely but I think it's the one with that captivating photo of your granddad and you which pulls my eye the most ...

  7. These are wonderful. I enjoyed looking at them so - you've such a knack for getting all the little touches just right. And I was an Elvis fan in my teeny-bopper years - an obsession that has not completely disappeared!

  8. Fabulous memories here Lisa :)
    I was a Duranie. I remember I asked for their video for Christmas (I was about 11) - Mum's and Dad's faces when they walked into the lounge whilst I was watching the Girl's on Film video - I don't think I was allowed to watch it again! It's still in the loft though!

  9. I adore your time with Grandad layout :)


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