Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a good job blogging is silent - I have totally lost my voice since last night, which may or may not be a good thing!

So much to update but first of all, Happy New Year or even Frohes Neues Jahr! 

Wow, 2010. A new decade. That just kind of slipped in, didn't it? I hadn't even thought about the fact that it was the turn of a decade until Ralph mentioned it to me at about 11.58pm. I was prepared for tears. None came. It was a good year end and a great year beginning - we celebrated with family but more of that later.

I have much to report but will start with my sort of December daily. My photo a day which I started in 2007 took quite a bashing in 2009 with lots of gaps and loss of mojo, but December saw fresh enthusiasm and I made an effort to take photos every day up till Christmas. 

And while I was at the Bromsgrove crop on Saturday, I put a little mini album together to showcase them. No journalling at the moment - though I may add some text on page 1. I made it ├╝ber-simple and am pleased with the outcome.

And here are the 25 photos that made it into the book (out of a total of 354 taken!)

1st December

2nd December

3rd December

4th December

5th December

6th December

7th December

8th December

9th December

10th December

11th December

12th December

13th December

14th December

15th December

16th December

17th December

18th December

19th December

20th December

21st December

22nd December

23rd December

24th December

25th December

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  1. Happy New Year, again...

    It was lovely to see you on Saturday, and it's lovely to see all of your photos from your December book. What a good idea, December recorded, yet relatively simple...


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