Wednesday, 6 January 2010

One Little Word

Next up on my list of updates: my one little word for the year.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can find my posts from the last years here and here. And the original idea came from Ali Edwards on her blog. You can find this year's update here where she also links to previous years.

In a nutshell, one little word is an idea to have a single word representing what you want to work on, improve, start, continue or even just remember throughout the year to come. It should be something that sums up what you want to achieve. It struck such a chord with me that I jumped right on the bandwagon back in 2007 and have worked on it ever since. My words so far have fitted right into the larger picture that I wanted for myself over the year - sort of a giant resolution.

I cannot say that I have fully achieved any of them, but improvement is definitely there. Ali E suggests some sort of daily/weekly reminder for yourself but I just repeated the word to myself on a regular basis. I asked R if he thought that I had achieved what I had set out to do and he told me that there was real progress in each of the last years which is lovely to hear. Last year's "calm" certainly helped in the organisation of R's big party and all the run up to Christmas even though there were times when I was anything but calm!

So after these words...

2007 - Positive

2008 - Consolidate

2009 - Calm

... comes this year's word


I am in a constant state of feeling behind and disorganised and disappointed to have forgotten things or left stuff to the last minute so this is summing all that up.

I made my one little word layout on Saturday and I feel ready to go for it. Of course, starting the new year with a stinky cold that has me working half speed is not exactly the best way to kick off, but it's a start.

And *waves* to Sarah who has also chosen her word here. Focus - what a brilliant word. I might have pinched that for myself if I hadn't already committed to mine.

What will your word be?

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  1. love your layouts for your words... shall add that to my list, "do word layout"


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