Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Did you hear the news? It made me so sad yesterday when I read the inevitable. The news I'd been hoping would not actually come to fruition.

British Cadbury is no more. Kraft has finally won the battle to buy it. Yet another British institution bites the dust. What a shame.

I am a Cadbury chocoholic. We don't have it here in Germany and I miss it like crazy. I know there is a trend these days for fine chocolate, for connoisseur chocolate, for expensive, dark individual bites of heaven with chilli or rose petals or herbs and spices, but give me a bar of chunky dairy milk ANY day! None of that fancy stuff for me. I like ordinary Cadbury's milk chocolate (sometimes with crunchie or turkish delight bits in it even). Plain and simple and down to earth.

And I love Bournville where the factory is. It's a little piece of history. Last year when I spent a week back home, I made sure that one of my stops was the village green where I took some photos of the village and the factory for a future scrapbook page.

I am afraid the place will change forever.

As a child, it was always such a thrill to drive past the factory and know that all that chocolate was being produced just inside. On Sunday afternoons, you'd see the cricket team playing on the playing field in front of the factory. And I was always so jealous of those friends who had family working there because they could buy VAST quantities of cheap chocolates in the staff shop. *Sigh*


  1. I'll get some in stock for you, for February!

  2. Anonymous8:25 pm

    it is very sad. but also a good reason to stuff my face with it now, while I can. now where's that Dairy Milk???!


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