Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Catching up a little

Not that I want to use that anti word, *behind*. But I've been, let's say, a little slow in getting my 12 on 12s done over the last few months. Not to mention, I keep forgetting and twice this year so far, I've had to do it on the 13th!

But time on my hands makes for an urge to finish up stuff and hey presto, three layouts later, I am totally up to date. Not only that, I have finally settled on a design that I'm going to use every month from now on. This has only taken me more than two years.... Sometimes things take a long time to settle in my brain...

But suddenly it clicked and June and July follow this new, simple, block design. Space for journalling, space for a small embellishment, space for a title, using mostly scraps. Yeah!!! Happy, happy.

I don't really like this one - the colours and embellishments are a little "off" but it's done, and it used up lots of odd, old bits and pieces. And it was really the 13th. Not really important. Pictures of the kids are much more appealing.

Tra laaaa. New design. Block, block, block. Nice, nice, nice! When I had printed off the photos, I noticed how much red and black there was and some flashes of yellow/gold which mirrored the whole German flag colours and feelings of national pride in World Cup month, so I went with these colours in the overall design. I like it!

And again. Same design + different colours = different look. Yes, there is a typo in the journalling, but it's not critical. And another one just using scraps from my box. 

I'm wondering how long I will continue with this project. Should I think about finishing it at some point, or just continue? The album I have assigned to it is very full and very interesting to look back at all those months, but is this something to go on forever? Not sure.


  1. I love the blocks of photo's,great way to get lots of photo's on your LO's.
    Great LO's as usual.

  2. Anonymous11:27 am

    fab Los, youre very prductive at the moment! jealous!


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