Tuesday, 20 July 2010

On my finished pile recently

While I may not be as productive at the moment than in recent months or weeks, there has been some scrapping.

Yet another class. Yet another set of challenges. Yet another bunch of inspirational ideas and fellow scrappers. Yet more stash being used up which is always a good feeling.

Creativa is the only craft fair I go to - it's just up the road from me and you see the most bizarre things there - as well as some really pretty stalls.
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Just a little tribute to Charlie who now lives with another family who are more able to look after him with regard to his problems. I am sure we all miss him.

I seem to have gazillions of photos from our zoo trips - I seem to have done dozens of layouts about it! I think this has to be the last one now.
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Lifted from my blog post a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by my Nic Howard class. It felt good to use up some of my Sassafrass stash.

I have wanted to do this layout for some time - the photo of the glass of champagne was taken on the day we booked our trip and I knew I would do this type of comparison.
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Yes, that is my old stereo which died a few years ago and I was very sad to chuck it out!
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

And I also have hundreds of these types of photos from when we are in the UK. The sketch was a good way of using up a lot of photos. More Sassafrass papers - that pile of paper is now seriously depleted! The kids have grown up so much now but they still leap around in the same way!
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Yet more finished layouts on the pile.

And yes, I really need to get some more albums in order to get all this year's layouts put away. Seems a shame that they are all lying around. And I think the basket I bought to hold the finished layouts maybe a "little" overwhelmed!


  1. That is some pile of layouts - I'm still sorting through my photos from the states to get printed, and am so un-productive at the moment. x

  2. Lot's of gorgeous LO's !!! I can't pick a fave, I love how you do multi photo layouts and the way you scrap objects rather than people.I must start doing that!
    The ' Charlie' LO is fab,I like the strips of different papers and ribbon.

  3. Wow, lots and lots of great scrap work there. I especially like "how sweet the sound". Isn't Camp the greatest?

  4. Anonymous3:38 pm

    lots of lovely LOs and your pile looks just like mine. why not order some albums for me to bring over???


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