Thursday, 15 July 2010


Now anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am clumsy with a capital C. I drop things ALL the time. Cups, plates, glasses, bottles, sunglasses, key, books, bottles - you name it, down it goes. And of course there are a few days every month when EVERYTHING ends up on the floor.

So you can imagine that I get used to breaking things. Sometimes expensive things.

But nothing compares to this....

Yep, down it went - again! But this time, I wasn't so lucky. Smash.

Bizarrely enough, it still works which I think is quite cool although it makes it difficult to read the screen LOL. And I got lots of glass splinters during the first few days.

But I am keeping it for the moment. Am hoping to inherit R's old 3GS when he gets a new 4G. Then I will send this one it to get a (really expensive!!!) replacement glass screen!

Talking of broken glass, today was another glass breakage. This time though, not only did the glass break but I also seem to have taken a chunk out of my hand. Bit worried. Hope it starts healing overnight or I might have to go and have it looked at... All fun and games here.

Please tell me there are other clumsy people out there...!

Good job it's cooled down here or I would be really grumpy! ;-))

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  1. No wonder your gutted.I'm pretty clumsy but more so with falling over especially falling down stairs!
    I did drop my phone down the toilet the other week and amazingly that still works.The trick is to put it in a bowl of dried rice to suck out the moisture just in case it ever happens to you.
    Ooh and I knocked Paige's I Pod Touch out of her hand and smashed the screen.It looked just like your phone so yes I am definetly clumsy.


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