Thursday, 22 July 2010


Among other things, I have a reputation for being a bit of a sociophobe (!) and a Billy-No-Mates (!!). Both of which I have to agree with to some degree :-))

Now while there may be some truth in that, I do actually have a handful of people who I would like to consider my friends. I may not see them that often or even be any good at keeping in touch with them (!) but over the years we have kept out friendship alive.

One such true and loyal person is G and our friendship has now lasted an incredible (almost) 32 years. She was my best friend through secondary school, meeting on the very first day although we sat at opposite ends of the class - my surname starting with S and hers C. We might have had other friends over the years of school misery but we always found each other again. We shared a lot of good times, and she was always there for me at many low points for which I will always be grateful.

We met up for the first time in nearly 9 years in March at my mum's birthday celebration and then I went over to visit her when I was over in May. We talked non-stop for hours and hours, catching up on all those years which had seen many changes for both of us!

It did me a lot of good. It was great to be able to chat as if those years had never happened and to find that even though our lives have gone in very different ways, we can still connect. It was lovely to see that we still cared for each other and we both hope that it won't be nine years until we see each other again.

So imagine my delight this morning when these....

... arrived on my doorstep. 

Thanks G for listening, for understanding and for letting me know you're thinking of me. Yes, your kindness certainly made me smile - as well as bringing a lump to my throat.  ;-))


  1. It's nice to have good friends like that even though you don't see each other very often you know she's there.
    The only person who I've stayed in contact with from school is Mick,my Hubby.
    Those flowers are gorgeous,your very lucky to have a friend who cares so much.

  2. Gosh I can relate to you completely. I am like that but as you say I have a really special friend that I went through school with to. Although we don't live near we know that when we need one another we are always there for each other, and when we catch up, boy do we talk!!.


  3. She's a good friend - we should try for a three-way meet-up sometime?


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