Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Create Free - Day 3 aka Day 2 for Lisa!

I know you don't expect anything less but yes, I am a day behind! There is no way I am able to do today's Create Free class even though it looks like a lot of fun - all layering and clustering and piling stuff up.

But I have managed to complete day 1's task of creating a front and back cover for my mini-book. (Yes, I am following the lessons in a peculiar way. There IS method to my madness!)

I am really enjoying all the layering and using odd bits and pieces together. It's all stuff that I LOVE to do, but am mostly a bit lazy to take the time to do it. So the "instructions" which I am following (sometimes more directly than others) are a great incentive to do the things that I LOVE.

Sounds a bit crazy I know, but it's really true.

Ok, looking at the photos now, I can see that the ribbon is wrong - badly wrong! Tomorrow I might try to glimmer mist the tone of it down a bit or I will remove it and replace it with something better. It looked ok at first but now I can see that the colour is just toooooo... well you know!

And my cluster might be a tad tooooo high. Guess I got carried away with the few minute scraps I did manage to track down - LOL! But it's done and tomorrow I can get on with the little collages for the inside pages.


  1. The covers look fab,I love the layered embellishment and the way you've incorporated the 'favourite sticker' into the title.
    Isn't it nice to follow instructions sometimes and not have to think of designs and what your going to do next!!!
    I love our little cyber crop it's great to be doing the same thing and seeing how different they look from each other just by working with different colours.
    I know Rach is getting all her bits and pieces together so hopefully Libby and Rach will be joining us soon. Also another friend of mine is doing it but hasn't got a blog.
    Look forward to see your mini collages.

  2. Lisa this is lovely and proof that we need to use our older stash. I love all the layering under the hearts on the front cover. Im sooooo behind its untrue maybe i will start on Saturday. I can't wait to see the rest.

    Rae x

  3. utterly gorgeous


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