Thursday, 18 August 2011

Whimsical Musings goes weekly

As you know, I'm all about the daily layout challenges (three this year so far) but that really doesn't leave much time for ANYTHING else including housework, cooking or generally carrying out either my main or my second dayjob.

And I'm aware that I haven't actually shared many of my July creations which I will probably just drop in from time to time. But at the end of July, my über-creative friend Pam and I decided that we'd move Whimsical Musings from a daily layout to a weekly challenge. We'd take it in turns to create a prompt for each other and then we'd have the whole week to create and share.

Pam kicked off week 1 with this gorgeous colour scheme:

She thought it was a combination that neither of us use so often and that glorious yellow, while my second all time favourite colour, really doesn't feature much on my pages so I was very inspired. It took me all week to get around to it which says a lot about how fast time is flying right now, and nothing about how inspired I was!

I immediately thought of Canda when I saw this wonderful nature-toned palette so Engineer Creek seemed to be a perfect fit with all those shades of sunshine yellow. I fell back on my favourite Cosmo Mr Campy (might have to get even more of this!) and created another little snippet of my Yukon story.

Week 2 was my turn and I decided to jump right out of the box by offering up a quote and life motto from the US Polar explorer Norman Vaughan, “Dream Big and Dare To Fail”. When I first heard him talk about his life and motto back in 2007 it resonated so much with me that it stuck and I try to use it as my own motto.

I created two layouts the first of which might turn into a series of “Bucket List” ideas. I've always wanted to go to the Antarctic and it deserves place number 1 on my list!

And then I just wanted to capture a few words inspired by the motto itself. I used the Scrap Happy sketch for August for the design and my new Counterfeit Kit, “Balmy”.

Layout #2 for Whimsical Musings and #1 for Counterfeit Kit Challenge

This week's prompt is all about connections which has the cogs in my brain working already.


  1. These are some super stunning layouts. I love your embellishment clusters and all of the little details that you put into them. Gorgeous!

  2. Sorry Sarah! Your comment got deleted! But it was a very sweet comment so I have popped it below:

    "lovely LOs, can't wait to see more of your challenges"

  3. What great challenges you've set, and I'm loving the layouts, very inspiring

  4. They are all just lovely!!Very sweet!

  5. These are so pretty!!! What a super unique one is the second one, I love that one especially!!!! xoxo

  6. Love the use of cotton & twine on your page - so dreamily fresh!

  7. Brilliant.

    I am thinking that you two are amazing for getting through sooo many pages this summer and wondered if you may slow up?

    Nope~ just getting into the swing of a weekly prompt. Love it. Your enthusiasm for living your life and documenting it is contagious.

    I adore your pages ~ they are timeless and adorable. The sunflower stole my heart, too.

  8. Love your take on the challenges. Two very different layouts. Love the details. The quote is inspiring.

  9. Anonymous10:18 am

    You do clusters so well! I love that you do such a variety of pages - always something new to look at, and they are beautiful too!

  10. You are always such a wonderful source of inspiration! And I love how you routinely change your blog banner with different photos...very cool!

  11. I tried to get to this post last week through google reader and it kept saying it wasn't there :) So now I see I can leave a comment :) You really have some beautiful layouts here Lisa. I love the second one with its monochromatic feel, so pretty and of course I love any layout you do of Canada as you have seen places I have not and so they are always fun for me to look at :)


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