Sunday, 21 April 2013

13 loves {April}

A busy month full of work and not a lot else so I struggled a bit to find 13 things that I really love this month, but after a bit of head scratching I came up with the following. Hope you find something to inspire you in my list.


Two Peas videos here

I've been catching up on these videos while I do the ironing and have really been enjoying Shimelle's easy, relaxed style of mixing papers, telling stories and making pretty pages. I feel the urge to use more papers on my pages. Very inspiring.


Etsy find here

I'm always on the lookout for men presents and this one looks right up my street. I've tucked away this idea for the future. Loved the idea of personalised presents.

Card by Lea Lawson on the Glitz blog here

I wish my cards looked as good as this :-) I need to add more stuff to my cards I think. I love this new Glitz line of papers and have a few sheets so I might have a go at something like this.


Pinterest find here

'Nuff said! Made me smile.


Spring is here at last. Here in Germany, that means that the BBQ season is officially opened. In the next months, I will no doubt eat more meat each week than I would in a whole month during the winter months. Always making sure there is salad on the side helps me to feel better!


Pinterest find here

I am collecting ideas for my scrap room. I have the luxury of a large room just for myself and it needs reworking. I moved in and just plonked everything where there was space. I love the way this shelf looks so interesting and yet coordinated at the same time. 


Pinterest find here

Oh, yes! So true!


BasicGrey here

Love the look of this new collection from BG. On my wish list. Map papers, as you know, are my weak spot!


The ultimate boy toy for these not quite warm enough evenings. Cosy and comforting. Perfect times.


A present brought back for me from far away travels. In Pink! Need to get to use it more. 


Shimelle's blog here

Like I said, I'm finding Shimelle so inspiring at the moment. I've always liked what she makes and I think she just gets better and better. What a super cute layout.


I keep my eyes open for little pretties wherever I am and was thrilled to pick up some small bags of sequins on a recent trip to my local haberdashery store. A cheap, colourful, on trend addition to my supplies.


The big highlight of the month was a much anticipated concert, the first for quite some time, by one of my musical heroes for the last 30 years!  Nigel Kennedy is a genius and I was thrilled to be able to get tickets for the 2nd row at his recent concert featuring Bach and Fats Waller – a really super combination, if a little unconventional. Actually, that is probably the best word to describe Kennedy himself… unconventional. Anyway, to get to the point, I got the chance to meet him after the concert as a signing had been set up. I was like a teenager and was thrilled to have a quick chat with him, have him sign my programme and grab a photo. It may not be the best, but one that makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to share what's inspiring you at the moment.

13 loves is a series started off by my inspirational best friend Pam over at Daily Pamage. I'm sure she had a more eventful month than me so be sure to pop by and see what delights she has to offer.


  1. I think my sister would agree with No.7. My aunty once told me that my daughter must've got her brains from my sister (huh!)

  2. For some reason, I never realized that you were in Germany! I just got back from a trip to Paderborn. I also purchased a Fuji Instax specifically for the trip. I love it! Enjoy!

  3. I've so enjoyed this glimpse into your month


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