Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday Wonderland #13

Can someone stop time to let me catch my breath?


Ok, then I'll just try to breathe more deeply :-)

With time against me, I was determined to make my card this evening and made it even more easy and simple than ever.

This week's Jingle Belles prompt is to celebrate Earth Day and go green and recycle in some way. I opened my drawer and discovered a beautiful hand-made card from a few Christmases ago that I loved and decided to take off the felt deer and sentiment, using them to base my card. Recycle? Check.

As I had made a card using my Counterfeit kit Opposite yesterday evening, it seemed appropriate to just use what I had in front of me and lift that design too making a simple card with older product. Easy design? Check.

And it's got my favourite Christmas colour, pink, all over it :-) I felt I needed a bit of pink today to lift my spirits so that was perfect. Happy mood maker? Check.

I swear I was done in 15 minutes! A record? Check.

Love it when it comes together like this.

And so ends yet another Wednesday....


  1. A really pretty card, Lisa, and the pink is perfect :) Elizabeth xx

  2. Super cute! I love non traditional Xmas colors and love the white deer and the pins!

  3. What a sweet little deer ... it certainly deserves a second life ... and I love that pink landscape ... so very glad you joined us for earth day at jingle belles.

  4. Lisa your card is beautiful. I love how the curves look like mountains.

  5. In 15 minutes! Really ... Wow impressive, it's fabulous

  6. Oh my, that was quick! I love the shoes of those "hills".

  7. This is so unique and so pretty!!!


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