Sunday, 22 September 2013

13 loves {September}

My wonderful friend Pam is taking some time out at the moment. Time out from blogging, scrapping and craftiness. But I've decided that just because she's not continuing her {13 loves} series at the moment, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't either.

So, I missed a few months (my last one was June) because life's been somewhat chaotic, but I'm back for September and yes, it's a day late, but better late than never! I really enjoyed pulling together my list of {13 loves} for the first half of the year and I'm looking forward to getting to the end of the year with my shares.

So, here's what I'm loving right now


It's been a crazy busy time at home as well as work since the end of spring. Working long hours and receiving lots of visitors made for hectic if happy times and I pinned this to remind me of something that I often forget. Snoopy has been a love of mine since forever. He's a very smart little beagle.

Pinterest source (here)


We had a whole week of celebrations over at Whimsical Musings to celebrate our 100th prompt with 5 guest designers and lots of prizes. If you are looking for some inspiration, you can't go wrong by checking out the posts (here) and the Flickr Gallery (here). This community of scrappy ladies makes me very, very happy. I had a blast the whole week and the fun is set to continue for the next 100 prompts and beyond!

Image courtesty of


I found this image on Pinterest and just loved the combination of the blouse and pink sweater. If only I could carry this off! I would wear this for sure.

Pinterest source (here)


I have a new scrap crush. Ashli Oliver (check out her blog here). I discovered her through the "No More Floating Flair" series over at the A Flair for Buttons blog and I instantly fell in love with her wonderful style. I need to do this twine wrapped flair look here in this layout. I will be watching this girl for sure. Love, love, love!

Ashli Oliver at A Flair For Buttons 


I was very happy to get a visit from this young man in August (ok, so he brought the family along with him too!) and to discover how grown up he is. I was thrilled to force encourage him to allow me to take a photo of the two of us!


My favourite character in the Harry Potter books/films has always been Ron. This just made me smile. Love how Pinterest throws up these little happy gems. Now I want to track down all the films (I have them all somewhere in here) and watch a HP marathon!

Pinterest source (here)


As mentioned, my nephew was kind enough to bring along the rest of the family so this little angel was there too. She is adorable, gentle, clever, bright and just lovely. Another photo that made me happy.


Yet another Pinterest smile. If you have ever had a Boxer in the family, you will most certainly relate to this list. I sent it out to the whole family and one by one, they all wrote back to say, "Yes, yes, yes!"

Pinterest source (here)


I love this colour so much that as soon as I had purchased it for myself, I got a bottle for my sister. It's such a pretty pinky, brown, metallic colour. 

Essie Buy Me A Cameo (here)


After a particularly hard week at work, I was thrilled when my Amazon order arrived. I had missed the "David Bowie is..." exhibition at the Victoria & Albert in London but was determined to get the exhibition book (as well as a few other books that just fell into my basket). I have since found out that the collection will be touring and I fully intend to book a weekend in Paris 2015 to get to see it. This little gift to myself made it onto a page that very weekend. Love that kind of inspired scrapping.


If I could find some shoes like this, I would buy them in a second! Where to get them? No idea, but pretty isn't enough of a word to describe them. If anyone knows how to get hold of them, please, please let me know!

Pinterest source (here)


And of course, no family visit would be complete without the Diva in the family. We spent three days catching up on hugs, cuddles and kisses. Two nieces, one nephew and a slew of new photos - result.


This has actually been a motto in my life since I first left home at 18 - many, many years ago. So true. Something to remember.

Pinterest source (here)

Busy but happy days for me over the summer and so many things to love.

What's on your {13 loves} list today?


  1. I love your motto Lisa. Sorry I can't help with the shoes - I wouldn't look twice at them as I know I'd break both ankles :) x

  2. Such a great batch of family photos and such BEAUTIFUL blue eyes !

  3. Hi, Lisa!!! Super list this month! What beautiful visitors you had ;) I miss making my way over here, but you're still one of my favorites!

  4. A what a joy it is to visit your blog

  5. another fabulous list of loves! love those shoes - but, no idea where they could be from... x


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