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Scrap Happy Member pre-LOAD blog hop

Hi there for yet another blog hop this month.  This one is all about preparing yourself for a LayOutADay (LOAD) through the month of October. Now, if you aren't a member of the Scrap Happy Family, then this LOAD is not going to be available for you as it's just for members. :-( But really, take a moment to read my advice as much of it can be applied to any scrapping. If you want to achieve more in your scrapping output, whether you are doing it every day, or just once a month there is a lot you can do to help yourself. There are a few tips here in this post or link to the previous LOAD preparation posts (in the next but one paragraph) for plenty more ideas :-)

You should have reached me via Heather but if you are here directly, you might want to pop back to my very good blog friend, Lynette over here where today's blog hop kicks off.

Many, many moons ago when I was in the midst of successfully completing a layout every single day for a whole month, three or even four times a year, I put together a 10 point strategy for myself. You can find me blog hopping about that here, and here, and here. And honestly, that's all still true today. But I won't bore you today with the same old, same old. Read the older posts and just know that you can do it if you want to. Most of the time. When the stars are aligned! Ha ha! No really, I did about 12 or 13 full, 100% complete months. It can be done. There are a whole load of posts around LOAD here on my blog - check them out here.

Recently I've not managed it, but you know what? That's ok! Really. It's not a competition and there are NO scrapbooking police to make you do it "right".

This is my LOAD October 2012 wrap up page. Yes, sometimes, events takes over and you have to step away from the paper trimmer and go live your life a while. I was sad to have to miss some of LOAD but I wouldn't have missed being in the UK when my niece was born for all the pages in the world

This October, I have every intention of giving it another go. And as long as I'm still having fun, I will be creating each and every day.

So, what am I doing this time around to make it easier for me to succeed in my goal?

  1. Making a list of some stories to tell. In fact, I joined Karen Grunberg's class over at Big Picture Classes for this very reason. I've found recently that I'm short on stories and I'm hoping she will give me the techniques I need to capture my wish list. The class started yesterday and I'm excited to start.
  2. Stocking up on adhesive and trimmer blades. I use a Herma glue runner and I have LOTS of spares in the basket so I'm all set. And I will never get caught out on the blade thing again. I have about 4 spares! (more than once bitten, twice shy - in the middle of LOAD, this is NOT something you want to happen)
  3. Printing out some photos. Nothing specific. Just some random, general shots which could be useful. Most of the time, I print to order so to speak but I will try to get a print batch uploaded at a printing service just in case.
  4. Making sure I know what supplies I have. This might sound silly but I have bought a lot of new product recently and I think it's important to browse it again so I know what I have. I also have four Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits ready to be picked up and put to use. The combination of my self-made kits and LOAD is perfect and I turn to these kits more often than not during LOAD months. Try making some kits up for yourself out of your own stash - ready made, matched items are a sure win.
  5. Telling my man that I'll be somewhat busy on the scrapping front for the month. It's no problem for him but I think having the support of those around you is really important for the time you spend at your scrap table.
  6. Staying open minded. Sometimes the prompts jump out at me and I get straight to work on them. Sometimes they take some time Sometimes I go in a completely different direction. It doesn't mean I don't love the prompts (especially when Leslie and Lynette have a hand!), it's just me making it work for me.
This was my LOAD output in 2011! 

But I'll let you in on my TOP tip.

HAVE FUN! Remember that this is your hobby. You are doing this because you love the paper, the stories, the photos, the challenge, the community or the time alone. Probably, a bit of them all. But whatever the reason, you are doing this because you love it. If you are not having fun and loving the journey, take some time out - an evening, a week or just a few hours - and find something else to do for a while. If you miss it, it's time to jump back in and continue having fun! I scrap because I LOVE it. I want to have fun all the time. And LOAD is lots and lots and lots of fun! Some of my absolute favourite layouts evah have been created under the time pressure of LOAD. Love that!

I would encourage you all to make some time to visit the gallery and the discussion board. SO much going on and SO much inspiration. I just miss the days when I had enough time to check out each and every layout in the gallery. But if everyone spreads some love to 5 or 10 layouts a day, that's a whole LOT of love going around. You get as much out of LOAD as you put in.

This kind of end of month pile of happy, finished layouts makes me smile for days and days - just think of all those photos, memories and stories captured on one short month. Now that's what I call success!
One last thing to leave you with. Scrapbooking and communities such as Scrap Happy, LOAD or our own little corner of the net, Whimsical Musings, is the BEST place to meet wonderful, supportive, inspiring women who become real friends. I couldn't be happier to have met Lynette, Leslie, Danielle, Cathy (and everyone else out there I know!) and of course, my BFF Pam in this way. True friends. *sigh* :-)

Thanks for sticking around to the end of the post. Your next stop is Cathy (here) and if you get lost along the way, here's the full list of today's hoppers.











  1. I love that you remind everyone to have fun. So important!!

  2. I love seeing your piles of pages! That's one of the best feelings; watching the pile of completed pages grow as you do LOAD.

  3. covered it all and so wonderfully. I truly credit you (and several other LOADsters) for helping me through my scrappy journey. Your comments and encouragement on my layouts gave me the confidence to branch out and try new things. That is why your paragraph on commenting really resonates with me. You just never know how much that encouragement can mean to someone.

  4. Yes, Lisa - sometimes we forget that we are meant to be having fun! I LOVE connecting with LOADsisters and really miss them during the months inbetween LOADS!

  5. Wonderful strategy, Lisa, of course the best tip is to HAVE FUN! You have been such an inspiration to me and I'm glad to be doing yet another LOAD with you!

  6. I love your piles of layouts at the end of the month! Great tips, I will definitely review all my stash this weekend to remember what I have for October. Liebe Grüße from Hanover ;-)

  7. Thanks for your blogpost, Lisa. In the end it's all about having fun! And I love the layout of your niece, both are beautiful!

  8. Great strategy! And yes... fun is the most important thing to have!

  9. Thanks for participating! Looking forward to the adventure.

  10. Adore that LOAD 2011 pile! Your encouragement & the support of this community have continued to inspire & validate the hobby I so enjoy - and I will always treasure the special friendships that began here <3 THANKS for emphasizing the power of those comments - we just never know what they can mean to another precious scrapper.

  11. Great advice! The pile of layouts is inspiring. Last LOAD, I printed images of my completed pages on a "contact sheet" to include in the album of LOAD pages that just don't fit anywhere chronologically.

  12. My favorite part was seeing your stack of completed LOs! I never remember to take that photo, but yours is super inspiring!


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