Tuesday, 24 September 2013

September Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop

Hi and welcome to this month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop. Glad to see you here and hope you have enjoyed the hop so far.

If you have come here courtesy of Kate Blue, you are on the right track, but if you are here directly why not go back to the beginning of the hop at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and check out all the hoppers today.

We were challenged (here) to undertake Project Complete! Either complete something incomplete or select a project you've always wanted to make and finish it!

Well, I'm working my way through my Whimsical Musings WM#100 prompts and had been considering what to do when I came across a layout idea and list that I had started waaaaay back maybe 4 or 5 years ago with the title "It's the little things". I was up to #77 and so the idea came to me to finish off the list to 100 and get the layout for Michelle's 100 Items prompt (WM#100-2). At the same time, I decided to start with the Citrus Lime Kit's sketch for WM#103 (here)

I wanted to keep the whole layout light and happy so my unfinished Counterfeit kit, Personality from June was perfect.

Obviously, a list of 100 items is quite long to I went with my standard option when I have a lot to say and made a layout 12x18 and added all the text on the extra 12x6 sheet. It took a bit of work to get the words to work around the paper that I carried over from the main part of the layout but managed it in the end.

June Counterfeit kit, Personality, lo#4

So, there you have it. Three challenges in one which makes me feel very good! Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to say hi and let me know you were here.

This is the end of today's hop, but here is the full list in case you got lost along the way and have missed out on some of the other hoppers:

Kate Blue     http://kateblue.blogspot.com
Lisa H          http://lisahausmann.blogspot.com


  1. that layout is GORGEOUS Lisa!!! I am in love with the scattering of sequins and all the yellows and pinks.

  2. I love how you created your journalling here Lisa - that page is fabulous especially your gem scatterings :)

  3. Such a fabulous layout, design, colors, journaling, everything !

  4. love love this layout I definitely will scrap lift this

  5. girl-forgive me for having the wrong link for the blog hop-it was a crazy day yesterday..but it's fixed NOW! Love the layout and am gonna dig up my flair and sequins so I can take a straight week and scraplift you!

  6. Beautiful page-love the light happy colors!

  7. Absoultly gorgeous ... It's stunning

  8. Anonymous11:23 pm

    That page is really light and bright - lovely

  9. Love the way you've made a page so full of light yet with so many words. The sequins echo the sparkle on your sunglasses too. Just fan-blooming-tastic!

  10. oh I love this!!!!!

  11. Bright, fun, romantic - I love the size of this format! MUST. DO.

  12. love the colors, love the design, love the journaling yep I love everything about this layout!

  13. YAY for multi-taking! Your title work is always great. Love the mixed alpha and including the parentheses. That is something I would never think of. Just a little touch that adds so much.


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