Sunday, 1 September 2013

Counterfeit Kit Challenge September kit reveal blog hop

Can it really be September already. Well, according to the calendar, yes it can.

So hopefully you are here for the Countefeit Kit Challenge reveal blog hop and if you have come from the first part of my Lesley/Leslie sandwich, Lesley's blog, welcome, welcome. If you've landed here directly, you can get back to the beginning of the hop back at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog here.

This month, we were given a choice of kits from the lovely Citrus Twist kits and could select one of the July kits for inspiration. There were several lovely collections there but I decided to do something a bit different this time around.

Rather than doing my usual of really matching up item by item, I went for an overall inspiration instead.

I loved the look of these two kits:

And I even had some of the items too as I've splurged a bit recently. But I didn't want to only go with new stuff and matchy matchy and decided that I would only use (mostly) older products (use it or lose it idea) and to go with the idea of a travel themed kit.

It's HUGE and full to the gills of loads of bits and pieces but I have so really old photos and trips I'd like to scrap that I think I can make it go a long way. And it will test those themed items that I don't use so often. If they are still in the kit at the end of the month rather than on pages, that could be a sign that they are past their day. My niece will be happy!

Here's my September kit, Passport:

There's no cardstock in here so I will just add it in as I need it. And of course, there's free items such as mists, twine and anything else that takes my fancy that can be added in at any time.

I started off with papers. Three map designs (I just can't resist maps) and a few more themed papers that I have had in my stash for literally years so let's see if I can find a way to use them. I've included a few colours that I don't usually use so often on my trip pages but that should help me with the versatility of the kit.

 I then went through and added lots and lots of older items and travel themed things. I'm really not sure about those camping items but who knows, maybe I can find a way to fit it into my current style - or not. :-)

I did try and match up some of the types of items from the inspiration kits but really, I just went through my stash and picked out items I liked. And nothing from my more recent purchases.

Lots of alphas to use up, some pins, some veneers, some themed travel stickers

The tapes here are relatively new but I liked the look of them with the other products. Some journalling cards, some die cuts from October Afternoon's first travel collection.

The 6x6 SC pad is new - relatively - but I just thought it might work with the rest of the products and it also brings in some new colours for more flexibility.

I also added in all my scraps from the MM Passport collection (which inspired the name for my kit) and then just added in a few more items just for fun!

I warned you it was huge - and it is. I can't even imagine how many layouts I could make with this - I'll let you know.

If you've got this far, thanks and make sure you leave me a comment. I love to see who's dropped by.

And than you can head off in the direction of my top slice of the sandwich, Leslie S. She is bound to have something gorgeous to inspire you and get you kitting :-)

Guest Designer: Isbaha:
Lisa H.: You are here


  1. Gorgeous kit Lisa, think we should have a contest on how many LOs we can each create with our MASSIVE travel kits :)

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    great job! I have some old passport paper too, I will deffs add them to my kit! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a marvelous collection. Feels like standing in front of the travel section at the LSS. Looking forward to some new masterpieces. Hope you find the perfect spot for that darling vintage camper.

  4. Full to the brim and overflowing with luscious gorgeousness! So many items that I would happily snaffle if I was passing!

  5. Just looks so yummy

  6. Gorgeous yummy and perfect.Like JimJam,I could "borrow" a few things from you.He he.

  7. Seems like many of us were smitten by that turquoise add-on kit this month! Your mega kit is so fun and will be great to capture those travel memories. You have such self-control to not dig into your newer stash. Always a pleasure to see your assortment of goodies.

  8. I'm loving the kit and the travel theme!!! Huge!

  9. Knowing how wonderful your travel photos are I can't wait to see what you do with this mega-kit! From your next post it sounds like you are getting sticky & inky once again - I am glad :~D I went with the same approach - we all seem to have been inspired in a similar direction so the gallery should be bursting this month.

  10. Love this travel theme and can't wait to see what you will do ! Gorgeous kit.

  11. great kit Lisa! Seems quite a few of us are doing travel themes ... it'll be neat to see what kind of layouts and projects we all come up with this month!

  12. Oooh love your kit! You have some great embellishments in your stash :) Can't wait to see what you create using your kit!

  13. I always love your kits! Beautiful work!

  14. I still wanna come over and go through your stash the kit as usual but I sound like a broken make me wanna add MORE to my kit but it's a done deal!

  15. Oh wow... I wanna go through your Kit too!!! It so full of goodies I love!!
    Love the travel them... I'm collecting travel stuff at the moment would LOVE some of yours!!!

  16. Gorgeous kit! Love the colors and all the travel embellies!

  17. I have decided that I am going to sneak in your house and "borrow" quite a few things from your kit. You don't mind, do you?


  18. one super gorgeous kit, loving it.


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