Friday, 14 March 2014

14 loves {March 2014}

Welcome to a new series for 2014 based on the original concept by my beloved friend, Pam, back in January 2013. I enjoyed sharing my loves so much through the year that I decided I needed to continue through 2014. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you.

This month was of course obvious as to what I would choose to share with you so I hope youll bear with me with my selection of my March {14 loves}

I haven't really sorted my photos yet, nor have I got around to editing any but as I skimmed through the hundreds I'd taken, these caught my eye. No doubt they (or a similar selection) will find their way onto layouts once organised and tweaked.

No explanation necessary :-)


On the top of the world - Empire State Building


Central Park


Grand Central of course


Brooklyn Bridge


9/11 Memorial - Reflection Pools



Pam, me and the Lady


The view from The Top of the Rock


Who would ever have thought that this scene would have become a reality


The infamous skyline from my plane window

I spy a little of the Chrysler building from my hotel window


Tiffany blue


Possibly the best burger I've ever had. Shake Shack


Friends for life

Id love you to share your own {14 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below?


  1. Lots of great scrapping material in those photos!

  2. Wow! What a trip and these are wonderful photos documenting the highlights. I think I'd like to sign up for Pam's Whimsical Whirlwind Tour of NYC as I've done most of the sites you've shown, but not all! Considering the weather we've had and how cold it has been since you left, you really had excellent conditions when you were here. I'm sure that made it easier to get through your huge wish list. My fave photo? Well, it's hard to choose, but the Starbucks cups side by side speak volumes. I love seeing your happy adventure. :)

  3. Great photos Lisa and fun to see them on IG too! I look forward to your pages :)

  4. It looks like you two had a blast. Great snapshots.

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time. Your #14 is especially lovely.
    #4 brings back memories of hiring bikes and cycling across the bridge on a seriously hot afternoon with no water (duh) what's that saying about Englishmen and dogs!?


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