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Counterfeit Kit Challenge March kit reveal blog hop

Welcome to the March Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit reveal blog hop.

Hopefully, you have arrived to me via Lesley (ok, enough of the sandwich jokes) and if not, you might want to pop back to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog (here) to start at the beginning.

This month we welcome the delightful Elaine (blog here) as our Guest Designer so do make sure you pop over to her blog and say hello.

We’ve been given a selection of kits by Cocoa Daisy (see here) this month – and what a selection! There are so many options to choose from that there’s sure to be something to delight and inspire you.

Well, I was busy with LOAD214 during February so was late to the party getting my kit put together. But I knew I wanted to try something different this month.

I checked out the different options and settled for inspiration from this kit:

Look at those wonderful patterns and colours…

Then I decided that I wanted to eat into my scrap box – so much in there after several months of throwing stuff in but not taking anything out. Maybe a card kit and not a full scrap kit. Not sure.

I started pulling some papers out to match what I saw in one or two of the papers when it hit… I’d take all the colour out of this kit and go with the neutrals I was inspired by – there were several neutral grey or creams, beiges, creams and whites. I wouldn't have been able to match up those red Thickers or any of the colourful papers after all so suddenly, it seemed like the natural way to to. And after all the colour I've been working with recently, this would be so soothing. And it was surprising how many neutral or nearly neutral elements I found for my kit.

So, without further ado, I'm pleased to present Balance:

I picked through my scrapbox and came up with such a treasure of papers. And if this isn't enough colour for you, many of them are double sided and therefore have brighter colours on the other side in case I get bored with all that non-colour!

 Then I started the fun bit of adding in a whole load of embellies and alphas.

Frames in paper, vellum and fabric to match the inspiration kit

Some veneers as they provided wonderful neutrality and also were present in the original kit

Some flairs - been saving these for ages!

Some twill and lace as there was ribbon in the Studio Calico kit

And then I just went through my piles of embellishments to see what else I had started (or even new) that would match my gentle colour scheme. Enamels, brads, small and large alphas, some die-cuts, several tapes and a few tags for good measure.

Most of these products are old or at least started. I will add in mists and cardstock as I go along.

Who knows if I will get on with this palette - it's certainly different to what I usually do! But I have to admit to being a bit in love with it already! 

Will you go bright, or pick out the neutrals this month?

I hope you'll share your views - will I get bored with this before the month is out? We'll have to see.

Now, Leslie is next on the hop with her magical blue box. Go say hello!

Here is the full blog hop list in case you get lost along the way.

Guest Designer: Elaine
Lisa H.: You are here
Leslie: Go here next


  1. Oh Lisa I'm loving that neutral kit... With my kit and your kit so very, very different it'll be interesting to see the difference between our LOs.

  2. Wow Lisa, considering you were short on time you certainly didn't disappoint! Those neutrals are stunning along with all the bits and bobs, washi, veneers and flair I bet you wish you were doing another LOAD this month!

  3. P.S. I'm sure you won't get bored but you could always add a splash of colour if you do!

  4. Love,love,love your kit! The neutrals look so wonderful.This should produce some gorgeous layouts :)

  5. Brilliant take on the inspiration. Your kit is so soothing and serene.

  6. I love the softness of your kit! So pretty, almost ethereal!

  7. Oh you're going to create such fabulous projects with this kit

  8. Another great tangential counterfeit ... I love how we can take inspiration in any form and make something that works for us. Love the embellies you've added - super kit!

  9. Magda7:24 pm

    I just died a little :) this kit is so so awesome!!! I feel a bit restless after LOAD so I think I will try to put together a kit. Maybe I will use your as inspiration instead :) All my stuff is packed up in boxes so I think a kit is what I need. I don't want to have the whole living room full of stuff now that LOAD is over.

  10. Love your take on the kit, it's nice to see the variation for ones that don't get into the colors. Yep looks a good Balance Kit :)

  11. oh wow, wow, wow, wow. That is my kind of kit - so beautiful and peaceful

  12. Beautiful neutrals, so soft & creamy! Look forward to seeing the LO's that you create from Balance.

  13. Beautiful kit, look forward to seeing your layouts with this kit.

  14. Wow, that is lovely, but for lesser scrappers, it could pose a real challenge with all that neutralness. I'm looking forward to many serene pages this month.

  15. Love your kit, such soothing colours.

  16. totally awesome! I am not brave enough to use a neutral kit but am so loving yours-I would buy it if it was in a store!

  17. ooooh! So beautiful - so inspiring, I would never have thought of that, brilliant :o)

  18. I think this is madly wonderful, and that you might put a lot of emphasis on your photos this month for the punch & wow of color? Love the sneaky comment about the B sides, lol! All those Big Apple photos should be wonderful enough to stand up to the neutrality & texture of your kit.


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