Monday, 3 March 2014

LOAD214 round up using my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits

I've shared more layouts and more often than usual these last few weeks. LOAD214 has sadly come to an end (but only two months until the next one) and the Counterfeit kits I had stacked up at the beginning of the month, severely depleted! LOAD214 was awesome. Always a great start to the scrapbooking  year.

I managed more than 30 layouts during the month due to some other commitments and of the 28 LOAD214 layouts, only 3 were made with stash not found in my kits. What a result.

Here are just a few that I haven't shared:

The first three are from my February kit, Tender.

LOAD214 #25 Myth: You have to plan your page out beforehand

For this layout we had to use a dice to achieve a random process to make the page. I got design, photo, paper, title, little bits and then story. Somehow, this just didn't work for me and I hate the result! LOL. Well, maybe hate is too strong but you can rest assured that I will be dismantling this one and trying to come up with something better. I thought I'd be really good at this challenge but it just didn't come together. It is something I will try again in the future though as I like the concept!

Another Teresa Collins file folder which can be used for additional photos and journalling.

LOAD214 #26 Myth: All supplies have to come from the same manufacturer

I knew my Counterfeit kit would be the way to go with this one and I picked out products from 8 different manufacturers and nothing from the same product line where I have two items from one manufacturer (e.g. October Afternoon, letters and paper)

LOAD214 #28 Off prompt to do my regular LOAD round up and stack of pages photos.

35 layouts completed in total and I think 24 or 25 of the prompts followed. This was a good LOAD!

And this layout comes from my September 2013 kit, Passport. (I've also started another one using the kit, yet to be finished, so maybe the kit wasn't as unsuccessful as it seems)

LOAD214 #27 Myth: Journalling should cover all 5 W's and 1 H of writing (what, where, who, when, why, how)

I was determined to give this kit a try and try it I did. Several times during the month, I opened it up only to close it again untouched. So I was pleased to get this one made and another one started. 

I still have old three kits on my shelf - Passport, Nostalgic and Tender - as well as my new Balance, but those older kits are all but finished and I might just break them back into my stash so that I can concentrate on some Scrapabilly scrapping to be completed before the weekend and my wonderfully calming Balance kit.

How long do you keep your kits before putting them back into your stash?


  1. As you know Lisa, I loved all your layouts for many different reasons. I can't wait until May! Will definitely need to get photos printed before then! If I haven't used all my kit by the end of the month (which is very rare if I don't), it goes back into my stash or into next month's CK :)

  2. Wonderful layouts and I love the way you layer on your layouts, I think I'll be learning a few new tricks from you :)

  3. Gorgeous pages - love the scribble circles on the first one and the pennant shapes. My kits hang around for a couple of months before being dismantled again - or raided to make new kits!

  4. Great layouts. Love the embellishments in the frame on the last layout.

  5. I'm still lovin' that layout you hate, LOL! Gorgeous layouts this always!!! Can't wait to hear about your trip to the states!

  6. Your layouts have such a dreamy quality. Truly eye candy. My fave is the Yukon one with that fabulous white woodgrain. So unique. I'm always impressed when I see that you've taken out an old kit to use. I have kept some kits together, but I then find it becomes difficult to inventory my stash. I have driven myself mad looking for the aqua enamel dots only to find (usually 3 days later) that they were in the August kit box! Do you find you have to dip into your kits that are in reserve? You seem like you have a fantastic stash so maybe that's not as much of an issue. Lately I've been disassembling them and putting the components away, but I do have Spa Retreat still intact as that one was a fave of mine.


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