Monday, 14 April 2014

14 loves {April 2014}

Welcome to the next in the series {14 loves} for 2014 based on the original concept by my beloved friend, Pam, back in January 2013. I enjoyed sharing my loves so much through the year that I decided I needed to continue through 2014. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you.

There's an awful lot not to love this month (stories for another day), but with Pam's gentle nudging in the background to try and see the happy around me, here I am for another month of what I'm loving right now.

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.


Still haven't quite come down from my NYC high. After 5 years of having the same background photo on my iPhone (a fave photo from Dubai), I decided that this was the month to make the change.


Who doesn't love happy post? My sweet baby sister, who has now opened her own crafty business where she creates the most beautiful crochet items amongst others (here), sent me these gorgeous doilies. I can't wait to use them on a layout and have included the cream and blue ones in my Counterfeit Kit Challenge April kit, Growth.


I take so many selfies and 100's go in the trash immediately! However, a good hair day should always be celebrated!


Scrapabilly has become a home away from home. On the weeks where I don't travel the 45 minutes up the motorway to get my weekly scrappy fix, I really miss Sylvia and all her lovely products. Good for my creativity and deliciously naughty on the wallet.


I was inspired to make a December journal and almost instantly regretted it! But I persevered through and finally got it finished two weeks ago. All 31 days. Looking back at the process and leafing through this fat, chunky book, I'm now really happy I did it. An enjoyable Christmas captured. Now where should I store my book?


Roast vegetables with feta, balsamic and couscous. My favourite dinner to make when I'm along. I make enough for two nights and scoff it all - just for me. I tried to limit myself to a smaller portion for my reduced calorie intake right now but it still gave me weekend happiness.


Timehop is a new app for me and I love how it pops up some almost forgotten memories. Two years ago, I got to meet up with my best friend from the Philippines and had the delight of showing her and her husband a little of Germany. Such a great weekend to remember. 


Spring is here. Our apple tree is blossoming and so is my hope for apples later in the year.


I'm still cutting back on the calories and reaping results in the form of a pair of jeans, purchased years ago online and then left in the cupboard all that time as they didn't fit. Now they do, and so does a whole array of clothes that have been pushed to the back of the wardrobe for all that time.


Asparagus season has started! Early harvest can be found and we enjoyed our first of the year this last week. Here's to 8 weeks of asparagus scrumptiousness.


How gorgeous is this lovely card from my sweet Pam. A Kelly Purkey class make and she chose to send it to me! I'm a lucky girl.


Pinterest inspiration. Still busy pinning and this tone on tone card caught my eye.

Jenni makes the most gorgeous creations and her blog can be found here


Just don't.

Pinterest source here


And one last scrap stash wish list. I love sequins, I love autumn colours, I love leaves. This has it all.

Available on here

Id love you to share your own {14 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below?


  1. Congrats on the reduced calories results - looking great!

  2. A very enjoyable read. I do like the look of that Timehop app. I'll have to have a look at that, thanks

  3. Your 14 loves have certainly made me smile - I hope the "background" gets sorted soon.
    Love your selfies - always telling DD off for deleting photos! What a gorgeous journal and well done on that perseverance. My mouth is drooling at your alone dinner - I would join you in that indulgence if only I lived closer!
    Looks like a few apple pies in the making? We also have an apple tree. I remember when DD was about 4 and she's picked all the lower apples and I asked her to wash them. I found her at the kitchen sink, standing on a chair, washing them in fairy liquid - thanks for the reminder of a scrappy story!
    Go you on your weight loss, I love fitting back into things - keep up the good work.
    Love asparagus - I have a story about that too!
    I hope you are OK Lisa and I will link up one of these days!!
    Off to see what timeshop is all about :)

  4. What a lovely list of 14! Congrats on the weight loss.

  5. xxxx Lisa. Love that new iPhone background!! :) you...Pam???sigh???lovely. I'm sure you had an AMAZING time :) hugs from here in Canada

  6. Oh comment disappeared. Lisa, xxxx on the new iPhone background :) you...Pam...sigh...lovely. I'm sure you had an amazing time in NY. Can't wait to hear all about it! Hugs from Canada, Heidi

  7. How fun and what great eye candy! You are looking amazing my friend!

  8. Ooh, look at you, skinny minx! You look fabulous! Feeling a bit jealous, but mainly of the scrapbook store shopping. None of that close by (which might be a really good thing in retrospect!)

  9. this post made me miss you badly! I can't believe it's almost been two months since your visit. :/ happy to see our picture and my card making the list. very happy to see you keeping up with this tradition. You rock girl. Love you!!!


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