Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge April kit reveal blog hop

Happy 1st April!

I hope you've been enjoying the fun of the hop today with a little April Fooling along the way!

Hopefully, you've arrived here from Lynette's blog and no doubt will have seen her awesome reveal and next along will be Leslie and her blue box. If you have dropped in here directly, I recommend you going back to the beginning of the hop and checking in at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge so that you don't miss out on any of the April madness.

This month, we are thrilled to have Maggie (blog here) as our Guest Designer and even Bethany herself is joining in on the hop too!

We changed up the inspiration this month, using a CSI scheme to base our kits around. This is the first time I've ever done anything with the very imaginative case files they come up with and am very interested to see what the other Master Forgers have done with the evidence presented.

I decided to follow the scheme and evidence pretty closely as it's my first time and based my whole kit on the colours presented - spring green, rich dark greeny turquoise, creamy yellow, pale sky blue and bright white. I picked out some cardstock and a whole pile of paper that seemed to have the right colours - both old and new - and then moved on to the evidence to see what clues there were for the contents including items to match and then a few extras

All of this came together to give me a feeling of spring and true to form at this time of year, Growth appeared.

There is a real mix of papers in here - some of these are really old, while some were purchased just last week: My Mind's Eye, Simple Stories, Crate Paper, Amy Tan, KI Memories, Farm House, Pink Paisley (I think!) and even one I can't remember!

I matched up the frames, selecting a whole range of different ones to really mix it up. There's slide frames and overlays from Crate Paper, puffy foam ones from Pink Paislee, a selection of leftover Silhouette cut polaroids and then my Sizzix polaroid dies. Then there's flowers, pleated ribbon and lace, some bling and gems, a handful of buttons and some veneer shapes which all match the evidence provided. I added in alphas, doilies, tape and clips to make sure there's enough variety in the texture and embellishments.

There are a few papers and alphas that face the chop if they haven't been used by the end of the kit!

I mentioned that I had pulled a big pile of papers and in the end, decided to include them all by making a patterned paper add on, Sprout. Again, a mix of new and old papers, and manufacturers. Simple Stories, Dear Lizzie, Crate Paper, Making Memories (I think!), Cosmo Cricket and and unknown spotty one - although don't quote me on any of these!

All in all, a large and hopefully fruitful kit full of life and possibility. I will be using the CSI Testimony to guide some of the topics I hope to capture this month and techniques to try. I especially love the tranquility prompt as well as the vellum pocket which of course is always a winner for me.

Now, if you've got this far, well done and here are TWO rewards for you - keep reading for all the details!

FIRST: The Master Forgers have been asked to play a little trick on you all by listing three facts about ourselves. However, only two of the three facts are true! Leave a comment on every blog on the hop with your guess as to which is true and false and for each comment (regardless of if you are right or wrong), you will be entered into a prize draw over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. Bethany will draw a name and announce the winner over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog on 18th April. The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win!

SECOND: And if that wasn't enough, I'm ALSO offering up a prize for one commenter who guesses my trick statement correctly!

My three facts are:

  1. I have lived in three different countries
  2. I’m scared of counting myself to sleep
  3. In school, I wanted to change my name to Portia Le Bon

Anyone who has been following me for any length of time and who has eagle eyes for layouts both here and on the Whimsical Musings blog will be able to deduce the incorrect statement here! :-)

The cut off date for guesses will be 16th April. Happy guessing!

I hope you had a little fun here today and now you need to go and say hello to Leslie. Here's the full list in case you get lost along the way!

Angela: http://colestoucan.blogspot.co.uk


  1. Love the soft feeling of your kit ! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it !
    About your game, I think 3 is wrong.

  2. Your kit is amazing! I don't think you are scared of counting yourself to sleep.

  3. Lovely lovely kit(s) - that ombre star paper is gorgeous. Certainly a different colour combo to normal ... where's the pink?!?!?

    I think #2 is weird enough to be false

  4. Oh my, that sure is a beautiful kit. Perfect name for it too.

  5. i couldn't guess, but I do like the thought of you changing your name to Portia :) Your kit is beautiful - very much my kind of thing. I'm sure it will be a pleasure to create with

  6. Love your kit :) So pretty. I noticed the embossed green piece and I think I have one like that, you just inspired me to pull out mine and use it :) Yep when I think of spring I think of Growth, such a pretty name :)
    I think #2 is false
    I’m scared of counting myself to sleep

  7. I love the beautiful colors and patterns in your kit! Simply Gorgeous! So much inspiration for me. Now to get to my mother's this month! I have an idea for a photo!

    I remember that age where all of us wanted to change our names!!! Fond memories have surfaced....so I think this one true! Counting to fall asleep just never worked for me so I will say #1 is false.

    Fun little twist to hop this month!!!

  8. Such a pretty kit Lisa!!! I love all the blues. For the true/false game, I'm guessing that #2 is false :)

  9. How soft and lovely you've made your kit. Can't wait to see it in action - with a name like Growth, I expect layouts to be popping up constantly this April.

  10. Lovely, lovely kit. So sad I don't have time to really play along for awhile. The lie? Well you have lived in three countries, at least. So many travel stories in your layouts, maybe you have lived in more?
    Scared to count to sleep, seems weird, and not the weird but wonderful type of weird. And wanting to change your name in highschool, is a normal phase, but maybe it was NOT Portia Le Bon that was your name of choice. Hmmmmmm......I think I am over thinking this. I will go with #2 is the lie.

  11. Love your blog, and your kits are completely drool-worthy - I can imagine all sorts of beautiful layouts coming from what you've assembled. As for your untruth, I'm thinking #3.

  12. Gorgeous kit as always! Lovely!

  13. Gor-geous kit - I think all of us just coming out of winter season have been starved for green/blue outdoorsy colors. I am stumped by your "facts", as I feel quite confident that they are all true! I am going to say that #1 is false because perhaps you have lived somewhere that I don't know about which would make it more than 3 countries... (scratching my head)

  14. Such a stunning kit and the name "sprout" made me chuckle. Very Spring like colours and feminine pieces to give a lovely delicate edge.
    I'm with Leslie, I think No.1 is your porky pie :)

  15. The colors of the kit are great! ♥


  16. Ok...I'm going to guess that you do not have a fear of counting yourself to sleep! You've created a very cohesive kit. I love your paper choices including the one with the little cloud and sun (Amy Tan?). I think I spy an Authentique paper that I have in my stash of scraps this month, too. Colors are perfect. Have fun creating.

  17. you're so cute. I love seeing stash we bought together!!!! :) and I think i know the false one but i'll private sms you so others can't cheat.

  18. An absolutely stunning kit - as always! I spent a few minutes looking at it wistfully, trying to figure out why I had a sudden urge to run into the garden - it's so well named! x

  19. Beautiful Kit, love the blues & yellows, and those little roses. Your questions are all believable, but I'm going to guess that #2 is false?

  20. Oh, Lisa, I want to actually live in your beautiful kit :). great selection of papers and embellies. love it.

  21. Your kit is awesome and I'm going to opt for number 2 as being false!

  22. Love your kit....so much to choose from. I think NO 2 is false.

  23. beautiful soft colours, loving the look with the lace doilies and lace edging etc.

  24. I am new to this so I have no idea what your false statement would be so I will guess 2. I have to say I love your kit this is so much fun. Need to play next month for sure.

  25. Beeeeooootiful kit, and plenty of it! Love the assortment of frames :o) As for your fake fact .... hmmmmm .... torn between #2 and #3 - I'm going to say #3 is not true


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