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Back on 1st April, as part of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge April kit reveal, we were asked to share three random facts about ourselves - two of which were true and one was not. We asked our readers to guess which of the three statements was false and then those who guessed on each of the Master Forgers' blogs (whether you were right or not!) would be put into a hat for a prize draw at the Counterfeit blog. The winner will be announced over there today so make sure you check it out to see if you won!

However, at the same time, I announced a draw here too for anyone who guessed correctly.

Now, to remind you of my three strange facts:
  1. I have lived in three different countries
  2. I’m scared of counting myself to sleep
  3. In school, I wanted to change my name to Portia Le Bon
Let me help you see which one is true...

Here is a layout I made in early Whimsical Musings days for a prompt about Scary explaining how I'm scared of numbers, and especially of counting! Strange but true and the result of a recurring nightmare as a child. The process of counting really freaks me out and there is no way I can count myself to sleep! 

And here is another Whimsical Musings layout for a prompt about names. And yes, I really DID want to change my name to Portia Le Bon! Portia came from The Merchant of Venice which we were reading at that time and it sounded so glamourous to me - much more than my own "boring" name. And as every teenager has a major popstar crush, I was in love with Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran and was determined that if only he could meet me, then he would fall in love with me and we'd get married! Ah the stupidity of youth. Makes me laugh now. As well as cringe a little with embarrassment!

And as for countries I've lived in: I come from the UK and have also lived in France (1986-1987), The Philippines (1997-1998) and now Germany (since 2001) making four in total not three.

Which means that the most normal sounding item on my list is actually false and the two totally bizarre sounding snippets are in fact true!

Only three of the 25 commenters guessed that #1 was my false fact.

So, congratulations to fellow Master Forger, Leslie! My little giveaway will be on its way across the ocean to you shortly!

And.... my bestie Pam pointed out that my false fact was a little misleading as, if I've actually lived in a total of 4 countries, then I have, in fact, lived in 3 as well! :-)

So, to be fair, I put a second, small prize together with some items from my stash and put all the 16 names of commenters who made guesses into another draw and pulled a second name...

Another congratulations to Sherrie! Watch your postbox for a little something from me too.

For everyone who commented, thanks, it's always wonderful to hear from you so please keep coming back. And don't forget to head over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog to see if you're the lucky winner there.


  1. What a great post and congrats to your winners.
    How ace to scrap about those little things - I MUST do that more often.
    Oh yes Mr Le Bon - mmmm.
    So you're an Arithmophobe - I don't like odd numbers which makes me a disparnumerophobe.

  2. LOL, you perked up my day. Really clever of Pam. If I remember correctly, I was tangled up thinking about number 1. Oh, ha, now we are going to rib you forever about numbers. You may come to regret having shared that piece of info.

  3. Well done ladies - I'll take comfort in guessing correctly and count myself lucky ;-)

  4. I love both of these layouts! Great job telling the story on both! My crush was Rick Springfield. Oh, those were the days! LOL

  5. My wonderful giftie arrived while we were away on holiday & I just opened it today! So enjoyed the shower of beautiful sequins in your lovely card's envelope :~D Springy paper pack, dimensional flowers, coordinating twines & misting stencils - can't wait to get busy with all the goodies! Are the pockets original Lisa creations?!? What a treasure. You are a generous lady & of course I would know you! It's amazing how much we share through our pages - xoxoxo.


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