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Counterfeit Kit Challenge March member blog hop

Another month, another hop. Time is flying but we are still having fun, aren't we? Thanks for dropping by today for the March Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop. You should have reached my via Margie today and if not, why not head back to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog to start at the beginning. We have two new members on the hop today so make sure you say hello to Natalie & Sally, and welcome back to Elaine who joins us again after some time away from counterfeiting!

Now, let's see where inspiration might have come this month over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

This month's challenges were:
And of course, this hop is also to share anything made with our Counterfeit kits.

As you know, my kits have been a little smaller since January and I am thrilled to be able to say that for the second month running, I've already completely used up my kit! This time around, I got four layouts, 3 of which I'm going to share with you. Layout number four can be found over at the Whimsical Musings blog.

So let's start off with seeing if any of the three layouts fulfil any of the challenges?

This first one is a layout featuring some romantic words and a suddenly camera-shy husband (hence the cover up right there on the photo)! It's not an instagram photo as such but it's square and with a filter so pretty Instagramish!

I've said it before but one of the things I love the most about working with kits - especially kits I've made from my own supplies - is the unexpected looks that can come from combining the products in different ways. I knew that the kit had limited colours but really picking out only the black, white, grey and silver elements to make this monochrome layout was such fun.

The whole layout started off when I saw this large 6x4 card which drove the direction I decided to take to make a layout with some hidden words of romance.

I am in love with shaker elements and keeping the contents simple seemed to work so well here.

So next time I decided to pick out the colours from the kit for the next layout and when I realised how many orange and yellow tones there were it seemed to make sense to pick out some "stolen" IG piccies of my new nice - aha! Challenge #3 - check! (even if it's not exactly a mini book!)

Using the wooden veneer word along with a printed element on the pocket card makes a perfect title. And with gorgeous photos like these, who needs pages and pages of journalling?  A few lines were more than enough to allow the photos to just shine.

Last up to share this month is the first layout I made this month, sitting in a hotel room, with some random photos and limited supplies as part of LOAD216! But it was done and even though I think it needs a bit of pepping up, it used up bits of the kit and features some of the small Hipstamatic photos I took in Dresden some years ago (so not IG but pre-IG equivalent!)

The layout photos are not perfect but you get the idea.

There are an awful lot of letter saves over these layouts as I had these gorgeous silver letters but none of them were useful! I had to really thing outside the box of which letters could become which other letters.

What was inspiring you to create this month?

I'm at the end of the hop this month but if you got lost along the way, here's the full list.



  1. 3 fabulous pages - and those letter saves add to the general quirkiness.

  2. What a beautiful trio of layouts! If you hadn't mentioned substituting letters on your last page, I would never have noticed. Those photos of your niece are very cute (the way she sleeps with her arms lifted over her head is precious) and I like the reverse "L" shape of your design. And your first page with that pretty shaker box looks very classic with the monochromatic design. I like the way you pulled out specific colors for your pages - really shows the versatility of your kit!

  3. I love every single one of these pages! You're so talented! I love the monochromatic black and white & the glitter letters, gah. Those film strips are magical. And I just love how you carried the photo theme through all the pages. Seriously - it's just great!! Thanks for the welcome!

  4. I love all of your layouts-and I really like how you used those starry sequins!

  5. All the layouts was fantastic :) Such diversity with your kit to have such different layout :) What was inspiring you to create this month? Calvinball and Whimsical Musings :)

  6. Gorgeous first layout! Fabulous use of white space on the baby layout then colourful & interesting 3rd layout.

  7. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Three great LOs there. The monochrome is very striking.

  8. Great layouts--love the Hipstamatic prints!

  9. When I view your layouts, it's like entering a glittering fairyland scrap kingdom... magical :)
    If I could choose only one site for inspiration it would be your blog. xo

    1. Leslie! You say the sweetest things - *blush*

  10. So much inspiration..a fabulous effort. So pleased to be playing along with you mall again too.

  11. Well, the delight is in the details on these layouts, Lisa. Every one a charmer. I especially like the look of that first one - I'm sure it's fantastic when the photo is showing too.

  12. Stunning. Stunning. Stunning. As always, a little (well, a lot) in awe of your creativity. I adore all of these - very different - layouts and can't believe they all came from the same original kit! Nice work, missus x


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