Saturday, 26 March 2016

Stylish Scrapbook Storage in a Snap - my take

Over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog today, it's part four of Stylish Scrapbook Storage in a Snap where the Master Forgers are sharing sneaks into their own storage solutions.

I'm showing three ideas over there and would just like to give you a few more close up shots here today.

First up is the Ikea plastic divider container (Antonius) which is very nearly the perfect solution for pocket page cards - both 6x4 and 3x4. The tapered bottom of the sections makes each pocket a few millimetres off perfect but for the very very very low cost, it's perfect enough for me!

I just love these different sized Ikea plant and candle holders (Skurar). They come in a range of colours which include this gorgeous white and pink and I also have a few other styles in a gunmetal grey and a lovely sage green. There are several different items in the range but this small selection shows how great they are. I store ribbons, flowers, buttons, brads and metal items in these pretty containers.


And my favourite storage solution is this gorgeous étagère that my sister made for me. It's made using a vintage teacup, saucer and plate and I just have it close to hand to pop whatever little items end up on the table that I don't want to miss or lose.

Perfect for my Scrapabilly exclusive flair that I collect, my favourite glitter washi, gifted hand made wooden buttons, left over punched shapes, sequins and veneer.

Look at all those little items that would be sure to go amiss if I tidied them away into sealed containers or don't even have a settled place to store. See that die-cut word? That "might" be making an appearance in next month's kit - watch this space.

And the cup on the top is perfect for the larger items that can be tucked in there but still visible. That brooch? It's not exactly an Aladine Sane lightening bolt but a homage to it at least. I wondered about wearing it but having it right there makes me smile when I see it.

You can find out more about this series over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge today - this is post number four - so go and check out all the solutions that have been presented. Organisation and storage really doesn't have to be boring and we prove that we are resourceful and stylish at the same time!

What is your favourite idea that we've offered over the weeks?


  1. I am collecting ideas for when I'm able to convert one of the girls' bedrooms into a scrap space for me and I've added everything from your post to my list! How wonderful to have something handmade from your sister - that etagere is beautiful.
    What pretty storage solutions - I agree that it's important that things are visible for both inspiration and use. Right now I've got most of my things in clear storage boxes but someday I hope to trade in the practical for a little more pretty!

  2. Love these ideas--especially the lace candleholders!

  3. Love your pretty storage ideas. Your china etagere is making me kick myself, as my hubby's aunt has a 3 tier dessert stand in a pretty pink china print for which I just did not see the possibilities.


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