Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday Wonderland

I managed another couple of Christmas cards last week with inspiration courtesy of the Jingle Belles!

Their challenge "All Bundled Up" calls for a minimum of three layers and knowing what I do with layers, I figured I could manage that!

Keeping it simple and easy with some scraps, some chipboard that is unlikely to be used on layout and some messy twine.

I make that four layers plus the thread!

And here I see five layers...

I don't seem to be managing every week but making two when I can is expanding the pile nicely!

Why not join in over at Jingle Belles?


  1. my new fave thing: MESSY TWINE!!!!! :) :) :) both of these are incredibly lovely AND a fabulous use of layers! (& YES, 2 cards whenever you can is still AWESOME & you will love them even more in december, hehehe!) so happy to see you, whenever you can join in our JINGLE BELLES fun! ♥♥♥

  2. Pink on Christmas cards - love it.

  3. You are sooo organised! Bowled over in admiration here. I do like your five layers and twine - and such lovely colours.

  4. These are really pretty! I like how the second one (with the frame) looks like you're peering in through a window - very fun!

  5. I recognize some of the older product that looks so fresh & new! Love the minty green & pink.


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