Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Crazy days...

hectic weekend, warm sticky weather, flat full of stuff and which needs a good spring clean and time that never seems to slow down!

But I am still smiling! I bought stash last weekend in England and have enjoyed stroking it a bit today... The Mod Scraps kit should arrive within the next week if they post it out on time, I do not have to get up at 5am tomorrow as I usually do (morning lessons have cancelled) and we have a long weekend ahead of us ... Life is still good.

I am so proud of my littlest brother - he was the STAR of a musical production last week, playing Oliver and we all went to see him on Friday night. Lib and I worked our way through a few tissues. It was wonderful to see him in this other "life" of his that I have never seen before - and who knew that anyone in the Smith family could sing? And he really can. It filled me with emotion and I cannot imagine how Mum must have felt watching him on stage. The whole production was good, but I was really not interested in any of the scenes he was not in. I got a little irritated with the other actors! Isn't he lovely?

It was lovely to see everyone - the children are growing at such a pace and R enjoyed his Maddie time so much. I love watching the two of them interact - adorable.

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