Monday, 28 May 2007


This is a layout for my Heidi Swapp class "A Year To Remember" for May and it has been a real journey of discovery.

Starting with looking through the photos with mum and looking at the birth certificates etc and talking about the family tree that she has started, all the way through to me thinking about how to approach the whole "legacy" subject. I wanted to take the line through mum and grandad to grandma because I feel that grandad was so important to me and grandma made him the man he was so therefore, she has an impact on me. And in the process, I discovered that when I look at pictures of grandma, I see me. I would never have imagined that. And while the instructions we were given was to focus on our legacy, through the photos I decided to use, I saw that I am the result of these people and therefore, I am THEIR legacy. An interesting realisation for me and it made the page really easy to complete.

I am not really sure about the whole stencil thing that Heidi wanted us to use but I did it and it looks OK. I am just not sure if I would do it again. Overall, I am really happy with the layout and it has been one of the most interesting to create that I have done so far.

CC appreciated as ever.

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