Sunday, 24 June 2007

A first for me

I have not tried altering items before, although I really like the look of the projects that are "out there". I especially like Lisa Pace's style ( and think that her altered items are just lovely!

So I felt rather nervous about trying my first box. It's not perfect but I am still really pleased with it. I used a pink paint base with a crackle medium and cream paint over the top, finished off with mod podge (although I think it would look better with the glossy or glitter mod podge).
I wanted to try to make some flowers with wire stems and Libby had sent me some shrink plastic so I had a play with that too - and put it all together to make my finished product. All pink and glittery - just my style right now (when I am not producing green and muted!).
However, the quality of my paint texture leaves a lot to be desired - does anyone out there have any tips for me on this one? Is my paint too thick or is it the brush or my technique? Advice would be really gratefully received. I think I will definitely try some of these techniques again to improve the final result - the shrink plastic is certainly something that takes practice.


  1. Anonymous11:37 pm

    wow i really like this - i despo want to have a go with the shrink plastic and the crackle paint too - where did you get that from? that box is seriously gorge, where are you putting it? is it fr you or someone else???

  2. OoooMmmmmmGgggg I totally love this box! It's sooo stunning and so perfect! TFS!


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