Monday, 11 June 2007

A special birthday project

I had some fun with this as I knew that it needed to be relatively simple but I also wanted to bring some pink into the whole thing. I used three shades of pink cardstock and then four or five sheets from the BasicGrey Perhaps range - a few flowers and a bit of ribbon and part of a journaling paper was practically all that I needed apart from that.

I bought a ready made small accordion photo album thing and then set to work using these simple supplies and a few photos.

In total, I made a card, a mini photo album of Lucy, a voucher and then lots of small gift tags which were attached to each of the small packages.

I forgot to take a picture of the voucher and the tags but they were really very simple so not really so worthy. Overall, I am really pleased with how it all turned out and the album was really lovely with three journaling areas, a quote page, a collage page, a title page and the rest were single photos.

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