Friday, 15 June 2007

A Year to Remember for June

Lucy (my friend M's gorgeous little dog) will be 1 tomorrow and we are invited to dinner so I thought it would be fun to make her a card and get her a small gift. I just kept the card really simple and then there is a new shop here in town selling organic dog food (!!!) so I bought a bag full of treats for her - they look good enough to eat!

But the main achievement of the day is the completion of my June layout for A Year To Remember (Heidi Swapp class) - just a week late which is quite something for me. Her instructions were to use her butterfly mask with a distress ink that came in our kit; back a ghost butterfly with pattern paper; make a "bubble border" with different circles etc; and reflect on what changes would be necessary to make our goals come to fruition with the journalling behind the photo. Everyone got different colours and mine was blue which I was a bit disappointed about to begin with but then I realised that it could go quite nicely with green and green is a favourite colour of mine at the moment so that ended up working well.

I turned her layout 90° so that my border is along the bottom and got into such a mess with the inks! I have blue fingers, a blue desk and blue half way up my arm - but it was kind of fun! I am not so keen on the photo but it was the best I had at the time and I just wanted to get the layout finished so I used it. The journalling pages can be seen above the photo and I have focused on the fact that I still want to get my photos fully organised which was my original AYTR goal but I am also focusing on becoming a more positive person and this will take a lot more work and change...

Told you that I had a bit of a thing for green right now! Bit of a nice change from my usual pink. The layout looks quite different from Heidi's which I am pleased about but it still has most of the components she wanted us to try - my problem is that it seems to take hours and if I want to actually complete layouts, then it takes me too long to do all this "fancy" stuff.

I also completed my calendar page for June using the mask and a ghost butterfly and adding the main points of the month. There are many other calendar pages being completed by students which are a million times better than mine, but am pleased with my achievement!

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