Wednesday, 13 June 2007

June Photos

Here are my latest offerings for views of Recklinghausen. I am so proud of this small town and love living right in the centre. The town centre is still to be found within the original town boundaries with evidence of the original wall just around the corner. To live within the wall is indeed very special and means that the whole town is literally on our doorstep. I will try to give a little more information on the town later in the month when I have done my research!

I had to cheat a little over the weekend as we were in Italy for 5 days and could not take daily photos of the town. So I have used photos taken at other times, or just before/after the weekend.

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Tuesday 5th June

I love to look up at the top of the buildings in town. Often what looks like a plain modern building with a shop in it on the ground floor, is very ornate and beautiful towards the roof where the building is how it was when first built.

Wednesday 6th June

And then there are the new modern buildings that have still been built in a very sympathetic style. This is one of my favourites. I like the way that the building underneath is very classic with large blocks of stone and the windows at the top have a lovely arched shape, while the main body of the building is covered with glass. I just like this one.

Thursday 7th June

Our market square in the middle of the day - great, colourful, old buildings. A really nice place to just sit, have a cold beer and watch the people go by.

Friday 8th June

The Recklinghausen Icon Museum which is the largest museum of icons outside the orthodox world.

Saturday 9th June

The Petrinum school at dawn.

Sunday 10th June

This statue features the "B├╝rger" - people - of Recklinghausen holding the town - represented by a coal mine pit head frame, the Rathaus and the church of St Peter. It can be found outside our beautiful council house and I think it is very symbolic.

Monday 11th June

Our Rathaus or Council House which I think is the of the most beautiful buildings in town. Built in 1908, in German Renaissance style it houses many local government offices including the local registry office where we registered our wedding back in 2003 and received our "Family Book"!

Tuesday 12th June

In the part of town where we live, there are many small alleyways with old buildings and houses just like this one here. I know that the town was very damaged in the war so it is great for me that there are so many surviving buildings built in the old timber frame style.

Wednesday 13th June

Again, just near the part of town where we live and this house would not look out of place in a little country village - I love the fact that Recklinghausen has such an old village feel to it.

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