Sunday, 10 October 2010

And more...

Not much to add here other than the layouts themselves. 

I am feeling so energised and motivated about my scrapping this week. LOAD is doing so much good for me. I am breaking into kits and paper ranges that have been untouched so far. Some layouts are more quick and get it done, and others (like 7th Oct) are ones that I have taken my time over and really enjoyed the process.

October 7th

**  I didn't use any Scrapagogo kit for this but rather grabbed the pile of BasicGrey Origins that I adore and got busy with it. Again, inspired by Nic H and a layout I had previously done, the prompt was to use a photo without people. No brainer for me as you might have noticed that most of my photos have no people in them and very often, my layouts too.

 October 8th

** The prompt and challenge today was to create a layout without photoss. I don't really know where I got this idea from (apparently this was created in a class and even though it is quite likely that I was in that class, I hadn't come across it before!) and the idea came to be out of "nowhere". Regardless of where it came from and whose idea it originally was (sorry that I cannot give correct credit to whoever's idea it was) the fact is that I could have made a list 10 times longer with all the things "I know" now, at this time. I am really happy with the result. There are so many things that are now coming to mind and that are missing from my list and now I have a great excuse to do another one soon/another time. I broke open the September Scrapagogo kit for this which I ADORE!!!! Totally my kind of kit.

 October 9th

** Eating into the Scrapagogo July (?) kit - another example of grabbing a kit and just finding something that worked for me. Still practicing my clustering, layering and using unmatched products. Libby, yes the AC embossing powder is really cool! Learning to play golf in the Austrian Alps? I can think of worse places to do that!


  1. Anonymous8:44 pm

    wow im really inpressed with all your layours and how busy you've been. i am miserable i've hardly done any!!

  2. Really lovely LO's Lisa

  3. Such lovely layouts - great details, you must be spending your scrap time wisely.


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