Sunday, 17 October 2010

Weekend creativity

First off, LOAD is now officially over the hump and it's downhill to the 31st! 17 layouts done and only 14 to go. I think I can do this. And I'm still having fun so it's all good!

October 15th 

** Use themed papers in a non-themed way. For some reason, my BG Wassail came to mind immediately. Maybe I remembered that it had some rose and bird designs on it but I had never used it before even though I have the whole range (yeah, what a surprise!). When I looked at the papers, I realised I could pair this base sheet with some of my beautiful rose photos and have a layout about how roses are now my favourite flower even though they haven't always been. Since this photo, I have repositioned the journalling strips to the centre and the Glossy Accents on the title letters has dried to, well a glossy finish! I have to admit that this is not one of my favourites. Anyway.

October 16th 

**  I didn't follow the prompt really today except for just picking some photos and deciding the the warm colours of the August Scrapagogo kit were perfect. A bit of clustering, some layers, some journalling and done. This kit is now officially finished! One down, many to go. I can now see that the title should have been positioned top left but it's stuck too well to move now. Never mind.

October 17th

** The prompts this week are going to focus on process. Are we story, photo, paper, design or product first kind of people. I have a feeling I'm all of the above depending on what I am doing but it will be interesting again to go through this process. Today was pick a story we've been meaning to tell and go for it. What do you reach for first? What is your process? I know this is going to sound odd but really, the story, papers and photos all came into my head at the same time. What does that say???

What else has been going on? Well on the crafting front anyway?

I am still working on Create Free and have almost finished lesson 3 which is to make the small collages that will accompany each photo. I have done 3 of these gorgeous things so far (lesson 3 is to make the first 4) and then I can just go on and get them all done which will take me to the end of lesson 4. Of course, I realise now that I did my binder holes wrong and now I have to adjust the whole book (my photos are all landscape so I will need to open it upwards rather than from the right if you understand me!?!) but I am trying to stay concentrated so I don't mess up! I'll post photos when I have all the collages finished.

Other than that, I am grappling with some ideas for new Halloween decorations. I have a gorgeous mantlepiece that is just screaming out to be decorated so I need to get my thinking cap on. I currently have my wreath from last year (see here) on the front door and my newest banner (see here) on the mantle but it needs more. I have so much Halloween product to chose from, that I am determined to come up with something.

Last but not least, Deb has left me a couple of comments about multi-photo layouts and also tips for taking photos and while I am in no way stating that I am an expert or even any good at either of these topics, I thought I might try to write a couple of blog posts about them, to be posted sometime soon - so watch this space. If you have any tips or tricks you would like me to add to the post, leave them in a comment! Or email me using the link at the top of the page.

What have I learnt this month while I have been LOAD'ing? This is such a great hobby for "me" time. To help me keep creative and inspired. To clear my head. It really is creative therapy on so many levels. Just what I need right now.

What does scrapbooking mean to you?


  1. Great LO's,love your Halloween decorations. Glad your managing to carry on with Create Free,I'm on the last few pages. Looking forward to the multi photo's and taking pics post.

  2. Congrats on getting over the hump - you are going with gusto, that's for sure!

  3. Anonymous12:23 pm

    love your camping LOs, love those papers!! what does scrapbooking mean to me? Can't even put it into words but it turns a miserable me into a very happy one.


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